Thanksgiving Throwdown


Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year. Traveling to visit family, food, football, sleep, more food. So what better way to celebrate the holiday then your own budget Thanksgiving themed deck where you ambush your victims with a massive turkey?

Sorcery (7)

Enchantment (6)

This deck can be a bit of a quick starter but the key is to holding off to prepare the biggest turkey for dinner. All the creatures in it are 4 casting cost or under. The focal point of the deck and main strategy piece is the turkey, Bronzebeak Moa.

Like with any Thanksgiving dinner, careful preparations and cooking is needed to get the turkey ready for dinner. Set the table with some Avacyn’s Pilgrim, Kitchen Finks, and Thornweald Archer. This should buy you enough time to get the turkey ready. Use Heliod’s Pilgrim to dig Blessing from your deck and cast it on your Bronzebeak Moa. Nearheath Pilgrim will make your turkey a life giving feast. Hunger of the Howlpack, Reap What Is Sown and Travel Preparations will fatten your guests.

Unfortunately, this Thanksgiving meal will likely have some unwanted guests. Send them on a Journey to Nowhere or use Time to Feed and serve your own guests.

This deck is by no means a tournament winner but can be fun when the Thanksgiving mood strikes you. This deck can be built with under $50 invested. Kitchen Finks, the most expensive card in the deck, can be substituted for another dinner guest. The entire deck can be found here.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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