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mardu scout

Cowabunga! Today we will be looking over some of the newest additions to a budget players card pool. The Fate Reforged expansion packs are set to hit the market and with any new set release, new cards begin to be sleeved and played. Freshly brewed decktypes will start to be played as well as older decks we have come to know will begin to fade into the background or even potentially get stronger.

As many of you may know, this isn’t your typical blog. Instead of focusing on those shiny new rares and mythics, we will focus more on the bread and butter commons that are being opened and tossed aside in all the excitement.

So open those packs and enjoy the new card smell. Here are the best commons out of Fate Reforged.

Ainok Guide

Many cards in Fate Reforged focus on options and Ainok Guide is a good example of this. For a green and a colorless you have the choice to summon a 1/1 creature that fetches a land and puts it on top of your library or you can summon a 2/2.

Archers of Qarsi

This creature is a 5/2 defender with reach. Typically, I despise defenders and this card is no exception. However, five power is nothing to laugh at and this card has the potential to trade one for one with some big boys. I expect beginners will pick this one up to stag some of those dragons flying around the battlefield.

Collateral Damage

Ask yourself, “How many times a game does a creature of mine die?” For one red mana you can get some use out of that dying creature at instant speed. Three damage is useful in many matchups and kills the majority of creatures in the game. This isn’t a bad card.

Jeskai Sage

I know, I’m a card draw addict. But let’s face it, drawing into cards you need is never a bad thing. For a blue and one colorless, you can play a 1/1 creature with the potential to be stronger on a turn depending on what’s played that turn. Don’t forget, this goes for your opponent’s turns as well so each counterspell or instant you play increases this little guy’s strength for a turn and if he is killed, you draw.

Mardu Scout

Years ago I played a deck that included Viashino Sandstalker. Opponents don’t like the feeling of knowing that at any time a 4/2 haste creature could come out of my hand. Mardu Scout is the little brother to the Sandstalker. He is cheaper, almost hits as hard, can be cast permanently when the need arises and is even riding a surfboard made of stone. I’m willing to bet he will make his way into many future goblin tribal decks. I like this little guy, he has spunk.

Whisk Away

I’m a sucker for annoying cards. If this card read “Return target attacking or blocking creature to it’s owners hand. That creature cannot be played again this turn. The owner of that creature skips his next draw step.” it’s true strength would be revealed.

In my opinion the commons in this set won’t be anything that will be staples in decks for years to come but they have potential to be fun in a janky kind of way which is really what matters. The only one I see with potential down the road is Mardu Scout in some form of budget Red Aggro or goblin tribal deck.

Next week, we’ll take a look at the Fate Reforged uncommons choices. See you then.

Aiokii has rode many stone surfboards in his lifetime and is known in the Sahara as “The Big Kahuna” after his impressive 720 Bonzai drop off the Erg Chebbi Dunes in Morocco, which incidentally is where¬†Erg Raiders can be found. If you would like to contact the “Big Kahuna” Tweet at or Facebook or message or post in the comments below.

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