The Uncommons of Fate Reforged

Last week we reviewed the commons of the newest set Fate Reforged. Today we will go over the solid uncommon options for the set.

From what I have seen in this set, many spells give you multiple options or are restricted in their strength by in game factors such as having to have the correct powered or toughness creatures in play or certain colors. I’m sure that in decks based around these limiting factors, the cards in this set can be used for great value but seem limited overall in most cases to me.

Here are the more noteworthy uncommon spells of Fate Reforged.

Dark Deal

At first glance Dark Deal has all the makings of a card fated to the bargain bin. However, this card can be a bit of a jerk in an environment filled with three color decks that usually spend their first three or four turns setting themselves up. This includes Modern where players will often search their decks for the right lands to play spells, Dark Deal is played, and suddenly they don’t have the right lands for the new cards they redrew. Also keep in mind, this card works for discard or draw triggered effects including one of the more popular EDH commanders Nekusar, the Mindrazer.This card has potential in the right hands.

Hero’s Blade

This is another card that could see EDH play. Anytime a commander or other legendary creature comes into play, players can attach this +3/+2 equipment on it for free. Have any legendary creatures with flash in your hand?


Reality Shift

I really like this card and it’s potential disruption to an opponent’s deck. Typically, blue’s removal is bizarre and this card is no exception. For just 2 mana you can remove a major threat from the game and mill your opponent for one. Of course this card has potential drawbacks and is the equivalent of the opponent drawing a creature card but in my opinion the value outweighs the drawbacks.

Wild Slash

This card is the better looking cousin of Shock. From what I have seen of the burn spells in this set and block, this spell should be considered in most red decks and players that have played spells like Lighting Bolt and Shock in the past know this.

Winds of Qal Sisma

I’ll admit, I don’t like Fog. It seems to delay the inevitable. This card is a trickier version and requires some setup to increase it’s strength. This spell has the potential to disarm opponent’s creatures during combat and leave them as sitting ducks for lethal tradeoffs and to me, that’s better then playing boring old Fog.

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Aiokii has played the spell Shock 2,396 times in his Magic: The Gathering career. It has been yet to be determined which is more impressive, casting Shock that  many times or the fact someone kept track of how many times he has played it. He will now be casting Wind Slash instead.

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