The Commons of Dragons of Tarkir

Sarkhan Vol has traveled back in time and has changed history. The Dragons of Tarkir are now alive in our present time. What does this mean for us Planeswalkers? New budget card choices of course! In today’s installment of Magic: The Budgeting we will look over some of the best common cards of Dragons of Tarkir. Let’s dive right in…

Artful Maneuver

The Rebound mechanic has made a rebound in this newest set. For two mana you may give a creature a +2/+2 at instant speed as well as cast the same spell during your next upkeep for free. This could possibly net you some surprise damage during your first attack step, killing an opponent’s blocker or attacker as well as dealing additional damage to a planeswalker or opponent. It also boosts a creature for your next turn, dealing yet another two damage.


Atarka Efreet

This card is sick. First off you can put into play as a 2/2 Morph creature. For just three mana, you can flip it into 5/1 AND give it a +1/+1 counter. As if that isn’t enough, once it’s flipped it deals one damage to a target! Is this a misprint? Granted, it dies to most forms of burn and may not survive a block but it will always trade at least one for one and will never lose you card advantage. You could even manage to slip it in for a surprise 7 damage without much effort.


This card is a great budget spell and will always be on my lists. I’ve talked much about it’s power in other posts so I’ll spare you.

Epic Confrontation

I absolutely love the Fight mechanic and over the years they have been getting better and better. For those that don’t realize it yet, fighting your creatures is a way for green to have removal spells and effects. That’s right, through simulated combat you can remove opponent’s creatures. Not only that, it gives your creature a boost till end of turn. It’s fun as well.

Evolving Wilds

Another card that has been on my budget staples list. Evolving wilds allows players to get any basic land from their deck. This thins your deck, allows you to get any land you absolutely need and is a ticket to play three colors. A great budget card.

Impact Tremors

This card screams Goblin Deck. Each goblin played deals a damage. Play ten goblins and you only have ten damage to deal. Play multiple copies of Impact Tremors and double the damage. This enchantment should take Goblin Decks to new heights.

Sprinting Warbrute

Typically I don’t feature creatures like this one but I believe it deserves some mention. The Dash ability for four mana initially seemed a bit high for my liking but the toughness of this creature is higher then most of these types of creatures. It could actually survive an attack which makes for a creature you very well could cast more than once. This Orc is quite the wrecking ball.

That’s the most notable commons of Dragons of Tarkir. Next Monday, I’ll go over the best uncommons from the set. Till then, rock the commons box.

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