Aiokii – Modern Krak Attack

Imagine walking up to your opponent. Now imagine walking up to your opponent and pulling a fish out of your pocket. Now imagine walking up to your opponent, taking a fish out of your pocket and slapping them with it. Now imagine walking up to your opponent, pulling a fish out of your pocket and it’s the one of the biggest fishes in the sea and you slap them with it. Look at me, now look at the fish, now back at me. We can make this happen…


Allow me to introduce you to Krak Attack, a deck designed to cheat massive fish eyed freaks into play and destroy your opposition. This deck is Modern legal and will run you about $30. It’s easy to play and fun to see your opponent’s reactions to cards they would normally not see anywhere else. If played properly, I would rank it as a strong kitchen table contender.


4x Quest for Ula’s Temple

…is your ticket to the all you can eat sushi bar. Every creature revealed from the top of your deck gives this enchantment a counter. Three counters and your fish’s tickets to ride are punched for free. If you do not have this enchantment in your opening hand you MUST consider a mulligan.  I have mulliganed down to four just to get Quest into my hand and still managed to come out the victor. If you do not have this in your hand on game start you had better have multiple ways to Scry it out of your deck or you will guaranteed lose. This deck is very much a one trick pony and you have to have this enchantment to win. This deck is not built to legit cast the creatures it contains.

2x Spreading Seas

If Quest for Ula’s Temple is the ticket on the train, this enchantment is the tracks. This deck has multiple creatures with islandwalk. Not only does it create an unblockable highway for your whopper fish, it also draws you a card and disrupts your opponent’s mana base.


4x Augry Owl

Augry Owl kicks off the game with it’s strong Scry ability. Later in the game he becomes a chump blocker as well as additional damage once…

4x Stormtide Leviathan

…comes into play. This leviathan creates an Island Sanctuary effect where only flyers and islandwalkers are able to attack on either side of the board. Depending on your opponent’s deck, this effect can win games by itself, making your opponent unable to attack. This leads into another seafood behemoth…

3x Inkwell Leviathan

This is a monster fish. A 7/11 leviathan. He rides the islandwalking wave with Stormtide Leviathan and can splash damage into the opponent with his trample ability. For good measure he also has shroud which makes him untargetable. This fish hurts.

4x Scourge of Fleets

I have nicknamed this guy “Cannonball”. Every time I play him I envision this kraken doing a whopping cannonball into a pool and splashing all the smaller creatures out of it. He is your control kraken. Drop him into play when you need to reset your opponent’s board. During my playtesting and games, typically Scourge of Fleets returns around 3-4 toughness creatures which isn’t too shabby. Granted, with Stormtide Leviathan in play, this guy just sits there and can do nothing but he makes a heck of a splash just by joining the party.


4x Crystal Ball

Ahh, Crystal Ball. This is a cheap and continuous way to Scry, setting up your draws turn after turn to help put counters on the Quest as soon as possible. It also looks like a mutated Everlasting Gobstopper which unsettles opponents of all caliber.


4x Clockspinning

Use this instant to increase the counters on Quest for Ula’s Temple. It is a huge boost to assist your horde of fish into battle. I try play it at the end of my opponent’s turn with a buyback when possible, leaving mana open for the occasional…

3x Dissolve

A counterspell with a cantrip. This counter gives you an additional Scry attempt to help stack your deck. I would use it only when a massive threat to your Quest is being cast.


4x Mystic Speculation

This is a Scrying powerhouse and was an all-star in my games. The buyback really makes this spell work and digs ferociously. My only gripe is that it comes at sorcery speed.

2x Whelming Wave

This spell reminds me of flushing a toilet for the obvious reasons. Not only does it return creatures to your opponent’s hand it will also bring back Augry Owl into yours for a re-cast and Scry, an amazing trick I’ve used with great results.


4x Halimar Depths

This land isn’t as good as a Scry spell since it won’t remove unwanted cards from the top of the deck but it is a free way to do almost the same thing, which is good enough for me.

18x Island

Choose your best Islands for your underwater carnage. I like this one. That ship has no clue that being hung up on those rocks is the worst place for a boat to be when the nastiest seafood in the ocean is about to run wild.

Thanks goes out to bloodwyrm for inspiring my version of this deck. I just made it Modern legal. The original deck can be found here.

Aiokii has never actually slapped an opponent with a fish but doing so seems wonderfully fantastic. Tweet him at or Facebook or message or post in the comments below. Check out, your spot for even more Magic: The Gathering on a budget discussion.

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