Best Uncommons of Modern Masters 2015

Welcome back! Today, as promised we will be taking a in dept look at the uncommons that have caught my eye in Modern Masters 2015. Last week, black got the short end of the stick, receiving no mention in the commons slot. Let’s see if black can make up for it as we look at the uncommons…


This is a great removal spell for black and any other color that dares to loose life kill large creatures. I’ve been playing this card in most of my decks that contain black and kills just about anything you will see in Modern. This card also destroys Indestructible creatures since the spell’s effect is not damage. Since the spell runs off Phyrexian mana, any color decks can play it with a life loss penalty which adds to it’s versatility.


This is a great spell for those of you playing both red and blue. Not only does it deal two damage, it can do it to multiple targets and draw a card. That’s alot of action for just three mana, which is why it’s a good card in your hands. Consider playing this spell in your Izzet decks.

Lightning Bolt

Under further review, Lightning Bolt is an uncommon in this set, not the common I stated in last week’s article. As so, it makes my list yet again.

Lorescale Coatl

What’s better than just drawing a card? Drawing a card and your creatures becoming strong because of it! This sneaky snake gets bigger as the game goes on and with all the card draw potential in blue and even green at times, this creature can become massive in a short amount of time. If playing green/blue, consider this guy for more beats than Dre.

Mutagenic Growth

Yet another Phyrexian mana card. This one is Giant Growth’s ugly kid brother and can come out of nowhere like a sucker punch. A player can be tapped out and still cast this, causing havoc in combat as well as finishing off an opponent’s last two life if need be. This card can have a place in many green decks out there.

Oblivion Ring

Oblivion Ring has been a staple in many budget white decks requiring removal. This enchantment is inferior in casting cost as well as permanence compared to other white removal but still packs a punch at the kitchen table.

Pillory of the Sleepless

I’ve loved this card for a long time and when played has the power to make players literally vomit. (Ask me about this story sometime.) This card is a Pacifism with the added damage each turn which can drain a bit of life from the opponent in a pinch.



This is one of the all star uncommons in this set. Remand has seen play in many blue decks in competitive modern. The card is very strong early game, virtually buying you a turns worth of casting, late game it doubles the amount of mana a player uses to cast a spell as well as buys you another card. An amazing card and worth every penny.

Stormblood Berserker

When making this list I looked this card over three times before I decided it was decent. First off, it’s played in a red deck, which is easy to damage an opponent for the additional boost. Second, it’s evasion can be tough at times when the opponent’s creature count can be limited. (i.e. burn spells) This little engine that could isn’t the best red could give but gets an honorable mention from me.

Recently, there has been quite a bit of negative feedback from Modern Masters 2015 launch, mostly in regards to the qulity of the packaging and card conditions. I purchased several packs of this set from my local game store and not only were the packages fully glued and not tampered with, the cards were in perfect condition with no printing or finish errors. I have yet to meet anyone that has had a different experience with these packs. I’m sure, as with any release, there are errors or printing mistakes. If you purchase your packs, make sure the product is sealed and not tampered with.

As for purchasing singles, now is the time to pick up competitive modern staples. These reprints are much cheaper then the original printings so now is the time to buy those cards you couldn’t normally afford. The prices on these cards won’t be any cheaper.

See you all next week. Swing hard, swing last.

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