Card of the Week – Remand


At first glance, Remand looks like a poor card. Many newer players do not understand this card’s full potential. Player’s that have faced this spell may have noticed what a bind it put them in when it’s played against them. “Why play a counterspell that allows an opponent to recast the spell?” To fully understand this card you must understand Blue’s main strength…disruption.

It’s early in the game, You have possibly three, maybe four lands in play. You cast what could possibly be a potentially strong and damaging creature. your opponent casts Remand. What happens? Your good creature ends up in your hand, uncastable since your lands are tapped for it’s prior casting cost. The opponent has not only bought himself a turns worth of damage later in the game, he has shut down all of your further casts this turn, potential activation costs of cards you currently have in play as well as drew another card to replace the Remand. You will be forced into casting the creature again next turn with two full opponent’s draws to combat the creature again later before it even hits the board.

Late game, this spell creates a log jam of disruption. You cast a spell, with multiple sources of mana, Remand is cast and now you have to recast it. You have been forced to double your mana expenditure in the turn to play one spell. If the spell’s mana cost is considerable, this could shut down your turn and create a hiccup in your mana’s plans for the turn, as well as allow the opponent to draw.

Not only does Remand slice and dice it also can be used creatively by an opponent to draw cards by countering his own small casting cost spells. In desperate circumstances I have done this with great effect, drawing into cards I desperately needed and snag winning game ending combos.

As you can see, nothing about this card is a slouch. Buy now since the Modern Masters 2015 reprint has caused prices to dip. You won’t regret it.

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