Jeez, That Guy Again…

Recently, I’ve increased my Magic Online time. From my typical metagame it’s at a entirely different level. My local metagame is controlled by some very strange decks. Since not everyone is taking events as serious as others, Boggles and Selesnya beatdown decks are very dangerous foes. Mix in Izzet control and Golgari shenanigans and you have a very strange afternoon of Magic.


I logged back into Magic Online and played a few hands. It seems decks have suddenly gotten a more darker feel, as in splashing black to the typical deck archetype for Tasigur, the Golden Fang. I did know about this guy from the Standard scene but his Modern version seemed a bit meaner than I last remembered. This guy was everywhere. It seemed like every deck I faced that night found a way to play him. Even Splinter Twin decks. Even Pauper decks were now a bit more black than I remembered in order to play¬†Gurmag Angler. As much as I’ve seen these two cards they quickly gained the nickname “Jeez, That Guy Again” and his Pauper pet “Jeez, That Fish Again”.

I’ll admit, it took me a few hands to adjust.By focusing more on my local metagame and Modern Masters draft coverage, I hadn’t realized how popular Jeez, That Guy Again had gotten and I needed a plan.

As budget players we all have had creatures we have difficulty contending with. Granted, Jeez That Guy Again doesn’t carry the hefty price tag many other creatures have over the years but he is still a force to be reckoned with. Whether it’s Jeez This Guy Again or some other nemesis you have battled against for years, all budget players need answers for these types of creatures.

Let’s look over some removal options for your potential Jeez, That Guy Again problem creatures.


Doom Blade, Ultimate Price, Go for the Throat

These three spells are great at wiping out potential threats. Virtually identical to one another, they focus on what colors a creature isn’t. Go for the Throat is slightly more expensive than the other two but still is affordable in an artifactless metagame.


I’ve been harping on this one for a while now and technically this card can be played in any deck if life loss isn’t a concern. It kills most everything you will see in Modern. It was also reprinted in Modern Masters 2015 which has lowered it’s cost.



Blue is not known for killing creatures outright so a bit of trickery is involved. Narcolepsy is a good way to ensure that huge creature stops attacking and blocking. It will not stop it from using any non-tap activated ability however.

Void Snare, Vapor Snag, Unsummon

The only way these cards can be considered removal is when paired with a follow up counterspell. All three are cheap but keep in mind that Void Snare, while able to target not only creatures but also non-land permanents, cannot be cast at instant speed.


Utopia Vow

What? You have never heard of this card? Utopia Vow is green’s Pacifism. This little handy enchantment turns opponent’s creatures into sad little mana elves. Granted, it will help your opponent’s mana situation but let’s be honest, late in the game, does he really need one more source of mana or a game ending creature? This sneaky card has been overlooks for a while.

Giant Growth, Mutagenic Growth, many other boost spells

These spells don’t necessarily target the opponent’s creatures and kill them outright. A very complicated dance of attacking and blocking must take place to help your creatures kill off a problem creature. When used properly these spells are as good, if not better than burn spells.

Prey Upon and other Fight Spells

If there is one thing green does well it’s fight. This little mechanic has been overlooked for some time now and is green’s answer to direct removal. Take a creature you don’t control and square off on it with a creature you do control, preferably bigger, maybe even with a little deathtouch to taste.


Lightning Bolt, Shock, hundreds of other burn spells

This is a no-brainer. Aim and fire.


Condemn, Smite

Path to Exile is one of the more expensive removal cards around. For one mana you can remove a creature from the game with the small side effect of handing your opponent a free land. unfortunately it costs over $8. It’s cheaper cousin Condemn is a bit worse, handing the opponent a free 4 life and the chance he could dig the creature from his deck again. Smite requires the creature in question to be blocked.

Oblivion Ring, Journey to Nowhere

These enchantments are a bit more tricky to handle. Once cast and in play, these spells can be targeted and removed, bringing the offending creature back into the game. A very touch and go solution.


This is a neat little enchantment that has been seen for years now. Simply cast it on your opponent’s bloodthirsty monster and it turns it into Gandhi. It can still tap for abilities and such however so it’s not the absolute best all purpose removal around.



A black/red spell that finishes most everything off other than hexproof or protection creatures. It even cuts down Jeez, That Planeswalker Again, planeswalkers.This spell can be found at some places for just over a dollar.

Lightning Helix

This card weighs in at just over $3. Burn for three, gain three. Simple as that.

There are many other removal spells that are much better than these but their price tags are what I would consider non-budget and have not listed them here.

Swing Last Friends.

What are your favorite budget removal spells? Let’s hear about it! You can contact Aiokii in the comments below, Twitter or Facebook. Aiokii can also be found on MTGO, hit him up for a game sometime. Also, take the time to check out Reddit Budgetdecks for cheap discussion and deck ideas.

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