Card of the Week – Hooded Hydra

hooded hydra

This week’s card has had an enormous impact on my kitchen table games of late. His big bugger can come into play in multiple ways. First off, you can traditionally cast him as an X spell gaining power/toughness in +1/+1 counters. He can also be cast as a 2/2 morph creature, changing into a 5/5 if kept alive long enough.

What I enjoy most about Hooded Hydra is part two of his adventures. This large creature can beat down opponents and if killed, turns into many 1/1 snake tokens, just as powerful but verydifferent a threat. These tokens can be used as relentless attackers, making it difficult to block each one or they can be used as chump blockers in late game, something that is very necessary. Watching the opponent debate with himself whether the bigger threat is one large creature or many small creatures is priceless.

This many headed menace weighs in at just over a dollar and is well worth the price tag when it comes to the complications he can give your enemies. Give him a chance.

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