What A Week! June 6th – June 13th

Like most of the finer things in life, timing is everything. I’ve had multiple opportunities this week and have made good on them including a promotion at my job. Some I’ve missed out on but thankfully they still stay on the table.

Magic, like anything else, is a game of taking your opportunity and timing is very crucial to winning or losing games. I’ve been dabbling with a brew for Pauper on MTGO with some moderate success. One of the cards in my deck, Pillory of the Sleepless is a fun little enchantment that makes opponents squirm.


To me, this card is a Pacifism and a plink spell rolled into one. It’s great to toss onto beater creatures. Sometimes, in the most desperate of situations, an opponent will even play a spell to kill the creature you target this with, saving you from possible hassle from that destructive spell down the road.

What my innermost debate is about this card is “Would I get more bang for my buck playing this card on whatever creature out at the earliest available cast, allowing it to plink damage off for a longer period of time or wait for a problematic creature later on down the road to protect myself from large attacking creatures late game damage?” This is my dilemma and something I’m looking at in my playtesting. Perhaps this card is more versatile than I originally thought, allowing for a dual purpose. Early damage vs. late game protector.

The jury is still in deliberations on this spell for Pauper and may or may not even make the deck. The timing of the cast really matters with this card. I’ll come to a conclusion and take a run at the Pauper Daily next week.

Swing last,


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