Card of the Week – Theros Block Temple Lands


I’m technically cheating here since I’m not highlighting any one individual card but today, I feel that these cards deserve some love.

For years, players with more than one color decks have been searching for the prefect dual lands. Originally, it came in the form of the the duel lands found in the base sets, Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, and Revised. Once these lands were no longer in print, players sought elsewhere for their mana fix. Many versions were printed but none were the true answer.

Fast forward to today’s game. The Temple lands in the Theros block are not the true best answer to the perfect duel land but they are helpful on a level many of the past duels were not. These lands offer you the chance to Scry 1 and help set your deck up for the future turn. Past inferior dual lands penalized players by coming into play tapped with no added benefit which pushed many players away from their usage.

Will Temple lands see play outside of Standard when it rotates out? Time will tell but I assure you, many budget players in need of multiple mana colors will be stocking up on these lands and prices of better duals raise.

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