What a week! June 14th – 20th

Spoiler season is upon us in full force. It seems that every Magic related site plays host to multiple unprinted cards being shown. I myself have seen a few of the Magic: Origins cards, mostly planeswalkers. I don’t typically get that excited about these spoiled cards. I guess I’m not the type to go all aboard on the hype train.

Today as my mind was wondering, I thought to myself, “What if there were no spoilers?”

I feel it’s a good question, not only just an entertaining one. It’s pretty obvious that these spoilers are mostly done to get people on board with buying product, the packs that Wizards of the Coast makes their money from. People everywhere see new and powerful cards. There is also usually some new cards that seem game breaking. All this hype pulls dollars out of the pockets of the consumers. I understand and that’s fine.

The release day drafting events that take place are typically a battleground of who has seen the most spoiled cards and understands what’s the most powerful cards in the set. I’m fine with that too but imagine a draft where players have no previous information as to what they may seen in their packs. I’ve seen this type of situation and you may have too. The first time a cube is drafted from.

Players see their first packs and have two options. Pick a bomb from their first pack and hope from the best or pick a color in hopes that a certain color is the strongest from potential cube cards. The latter is risky and ill advised. A player cannot be competitive in a draft format while picking cards and hoping for better. By this logic, drafting a set with no spoilers is a true and even playing field for all players involved. I wish it was true for all drafts in the future but an understandably unrealistic wish.

Also spoiled are new mechanics and keywords. Players love this as new brews bounce around in their brains for the weeks leading up to the release date. I’ll admit, I’ll check out a card or two just to give some thought as to what mechanics I’ll be seeing at my gaming tables but rarely do I overdo it. Over the years I’ve noticed that decks that contain an abundance of the same keyword don’t typically do well competitively. These decks seem to be narrow minded and typically the contents of your next round of theme decks.

Call me a pessimist or a stick-in-the-mud. I just can’t get on board with the spoiler season.

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