Card of the Week – Thrull Parasite

thrull parasite

Creatures like this one really get me excited. Nobody sees them coming at any level of play, from Friday Night Magic to the kitchen table. The price tag on this creature is minimal for it’s potential.

This little guy is an amazing utility creature. Early in the game, this unsuspecting threat can nip a significant life swing with leftover mana after casting a spell. Even if activated only three times, you still are getting further from death while bringing your opponent closer to it.

That’s not all this Thrull can do. In a pinch, this creature can take counters off nonland permanents. This includes +1/+1 counters, a persist creature you control’s -1/-1 counter. Also include infect damage on creatures, vanishing counters, and planeswalker loyalty counters. That’s right, Thrull Parasite can bring help down weakened planeswalkers!

Losing two life for this ability may seem a bit steep but considering he can extort back what he takes from you, Thrull Parasite is an unsuspecting budget card for sure.

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