What a Week! June 21st – June 27th


It’s been a tough week here at the Broke-Ass Brewery.

Brewing original decks is difficult. Fitting everything you need within a 60 card limit and make a deck work properly is frustrating. Trim a card here, add a card there, until you create what you feel is the perfect fit. Then add on the limitation of trying to make it all work with a reasonable price tag. Sometimes, no matter what you add or subtract, a deck just isn’t going to work.

My desk is a graveyard for decks I’ve created that don’t work properly. Some of them just that one spell or two that have yet to see print, still being tossed around in the R&D offices of Wizards of the Coast. Some of them are will likely never work at all, victims of some far fetched combo that will never fire properly.

Now, add on the added frustration of your meta changing. Someone has brought the next best thing to an event and for several weeks your deck just can’t battle it or a new set is released and now the whole format’s outlooks has changed overnight.

There is a point where your master plan’s failure can no longer be blamed on bad luck. Sometimes a deck just won’t work.

Building an original yet successful deck nobody sees coming is a rare and nearly impossible feat.

I am the type of player that tries to force square pegs into round holes. I get frustrated sometimes when my newest concoction fails to achieve what I’ve dreamed for it. Luckily for me, I have someone special in my life that reminds me when brewing gets tough, “Don’t let it ruin your day.”

What should players like myself do when things get tough?

The answer should be “Something else.”

When I get frustrated about deck building I generally try to play some stress relieving games like Team Fortress 2. I’ve also tried my hand at Hearthstone and have enjoyed it for the most part. I’ve also started watching old sitcoms like Everybody Loves Raymond (filled with people far butthurt over things more trivial than deck building.)

The key is to not let deck building ruin your fun. There is no shame in backing away from the table and giving your hard work a rest. New cards are on the way to progress what you have already worked hard to achieve. Magic is just a game. It’s meant to be fun and enjoyable. If you lose sight of that it becomes a wall you can tediously bash your head into trying to break it down. A fresh start after some relaxation is exactly what you need for your next brew.

Swing last,



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