Magic Origins Uncommons Review

bounding krasis

Welcome back. I hope all your pre-release events went well and you enjoyed Magic Origins as much as I did. Last week I reviewed the commons in the set. This week I’ll go over some stand out uncommons that can help you on your budget battles. Let’s begin…

Consul’s Lieutenant

This little beater is a tricky fellow. For just two white, you can put a 2/1 first striker into play, turning it into a 3/2 on a successful attack. Even then his ability will score even more damage as he gives other attackers +1/+1 on the swing. I see this creature being in many white weenie decks for certain.

Murder Investigation

At first glance, Murder Investigation seems like a poor card, but again, most psychological cards do. Any card that makes an opponent not want to kill it is an advantage. The creature will go unblocked until an answer can be found and that will net you damage. Just think of this enchantment turning your creature into a Hooded Hydra. For just two mana, that isn’t a bad investment, especially considering you can combine it with the above creature’s ability, Consul’s Lieutenant.

Swift Reckoning

Think about the creatures that have caused you trouble over the years. Chances are they tap to attack or use a game changing ability. This card is the Doom Blade of tapped creatures but for white. Sure, you will need to get a few spells in the can for it to be played as an instant but that should be no problem in today’s game.

Anchor to the Æther

Yet another spell that removes a threat back to the next draw step. In casual games, this spell hurts as they basically have to skip their draw step and are forced to recast the creature. Add countermagic to your already blue deck for more fun.

Psychic Rebuttal

I like this spell. Why? because it takes an already existing counterspell and makes it better. Gain spell mastery (which is easy to do in a blue deck) and sling the spell back at the opponent. Add salt to taste.

Turn to Frog

Blue does have removal. Attack into or block a large threat and cast this humdinger on their offending creature. The result will be having your creature playing frog baseball. Also negates evasive abilities like flying and cannot be blocked effects. Ribbit.

Shadows of the Past

This card is the chosen one. For just two mana, when a creature does you scry one. Have two in play? Scry two. That’s obscene. If that wasn’t enough, later in the game you can turn this enchantment into a two point drain life. Seriously? Just imagine how many times a game a creature, any creature dies. You scry that many times. I’ll be putting copies of these into many a deck in the near future.

Magmatic Insight

I see this card as a beneficial way to dump land out of your hand late in the game. it’s not really a game breaking spell by any means but just a good mid to late game boost when you have plenty of lands already in play.

Zendikar’s Incarnate

Without mana dorks this creature is a solid 4/4. Later in the game it has the potential to hit even harder. I like it.

Bounding Krasis

Boing! First of all, this fish lizard is 3/3 for just three mana. That alone is good. Secondly, it has flash. This means when an opponent attacks in…Boing! You flash in and block the weaker attacker. Easy kill. Thirdly, this dude can even tap or untap a creature. that’s right, you can tap a problem creature for a counter swing, or untap one of your for a second surprise blocker. This creature is over powered and if you play Simic colors, consider this guy for offense and defense. He’s great! Boing!

Next week, we will look at a much more serious subject. Don’t worry, no tears will be shed. See you all then!

Swing Last.

Agree or disagree with this list? Let’s hear about it! You can contact Aiokii in the comments below, Twitter or Facebook. Aiokii can also be found on MTGO, hit him up for a game sometime. Also, take the time to check out Reddit Budgetdecks for cheap discussion and deck ideas.

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