Card of the Week – Impact Tremors

impact tremors

I’ve been accused of not highlighting red spells in the past and it’s true. I don’t care for the color. There is just an angry feeling in my stomach when you play a hard fought match and suddenly, BOOM! Lava Axe to the face. Game over.

I hate red. I hate all the burn. I dislike the creatures which gravitate towards brainless goblins and unimaginative warriors. I dislike red because I don’t enjoy the majestic dragon.

However, I do see the need for the color and the burr, the horde of goblins and the fancy dragons. We need red.

Many of you have purchased a one way ticket to the Goblin Piledriver hype train. That’s cool. I used to have a goblin deck in my day.

But what many of you may not know is that Goblin Piledriver isn’t the only bad mamajama in town for you goblineers.

Impact Tremors is free damage. Just play one of your little swarmers and pow, right in the kisser. I’m not exactly sure how these tiny goblins can cause such impact but I’ve seen stranger things. (Inflate the toad!)

Multiple copies increase the damage as well as plenty of ways for red to play small creatures including goblin tokens with Krenko’s Command as well as elemental tokens from a Young Pyromancer.

Also consider this, if your deck fails to get off the ground with creature damage and the opponent has the board locked down, each cast of a creature, no matter how ineffective it may be, is damage. This means if your deck faulters near the end of the game you can still have a way to push the last bit over the top.

Swing Last,


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