What a week! July 12th – July 18th

soldiertokenThis isn’t one of my typical posts.

Around 2000, my local game store had many customers from the local military base. It wasn’t a large base but a handful of soldiers would come, purchase gaming supplies whether it be dice, RPG books or Magic cards. We got to know these soldiers and even were saddened when their familiar faces moved on to other duties elsewhere.

Their spare time was valuable to them and not something they typically took for granted.

As members of my family enlisted over the years I have found a new gratitude towards these people. Now I could relate not to just buddies or people that passed by the local store, but to family.

Being in the military or a child of a soldier is not easy. It takes a special breed of people to do what they do. Nothing is guaranteed to them as they live their lives away from the comforts of home.

If you have the desire to give some amount of comfort back to these soldiers or their children, please visit these sites.

http://www.gamesfortroops.org/ –This site has information on how to send a donation of games and Magic cards to soldiers abroad.

http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/ – This site has information on how to donate towards injured soldiers. Local game stores can sponsor events and tournaments to raise money for this worthwhile charity.

http://www.operationhomefront.net/ – Operation Home Front is a site dedicated to helping military families in the United States. They have toy and game donations for children as well.

http://toysforthetroopskids.org/ -Typically active during the holidays, this site takes donations as well as toys and gamed for children of soldiers.

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