What a Week! – July 26th – August 1st

So I was heading home today from work and in my car ride home I was thinking about what to write about today. My week was rather uneventful and typically I bring some inspiration from my week into this segment of my writings. This left any ideas I had to a bare minimum. That’s when I looked in my rear view mirror…


Sometimes, my boss will let me take damaged products home for lowered cost. Days ago, I took home a case of broken ceramic owls, put them in the back of my car and forgot to take the case out. I have a crafty friend that collects owls and thought she could work some magic with the damaged product.Staring me in the mirror was more than a dozen owls and it made me wonder how many owls were printed in Magic: The Gathering.

So I got home and looked it up. Turns out there are no actual owl creatures, they are all classified as birds. Named, there are currently just six owls in Magic. Not even enough to make a decent tribal deck.

I’ve played with a few of these owls in my day. None have really rocked my socks off but one or two have been featured in my budget decks.

Augury Owl is one of my more favorite owls. I really like the scry mechanc and this little guy gets the job done. Find a way to keep him constantly leaving and returning to play and you have a deck digging menace. I still ply three copies of it in my Venser Flicker deck.

Owl Familiar is a card cycling menace. Not the best owl in the game but does has his uses when the time is right.

Rimefeather Owl was featured in a Coldsnap theme deck. When put into a deck filled with Snow permanents like lands or creatures, this flyer gains additional power and toughness. I’ve swung for double digit damage before with this bloated bird.

Sage Owl and Spire Owl is the earlier version of Augury Owl before the scry mechanic was created. He cant flush poor cards to the bottom of the deck so he is quite inferior.

Tempest Owl is a tricky little bird. If a kicker cost is payed on his summoning, he can tap creatures as he comes into play. His kicker cost leaves much to be desired though for just a 1/2 flyer.

Sadly, for my friend, owls are sparse in Magic: The Gathering. Perhaps one day I could build her a deck full of the “Hoo’s Hoo” of tribal owl decks.

Swing Last,


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