Card of the Week – Dungeon Geists

dungeon gists

For most of us, control decks involve an abundance of counter magic and removal.

In casual magic, where counterspells are frowned upon for the most part, other means of control is necessary.

Enter Dungeon Geists. What would you consider paying for a 3/3 flyer? Now add an ability where it keeps a target creature tapped as long as it stays in play. What kind of casting cost would you expect for such a valuable creature?

Try two blue and two colorless.

Seems cheap and it really is considering most 3/3 flyers tend to be more and it’s controlling ability is nothing to laugh at. Most enchantments in blue that paralyze creature for extended periods of time are 3 mana without the benefit of doing damage. It can keep a problem creature pinned down or a potential flying blocker tapped out turn after turn.

This is why Dungeon Geists should see more play at kitchen tables everywhere.

Swing Last,


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