Card of the Week – Marchesa’s Emissary


There is just something soothing about putting a creature into play that gets you when you are behind in life totals.

While playing Three Pack Ante the last few weeks, my main squeeze has become this rogue. It’s a bit overpriced in casting cost for what it does but in this format it does well.

We all know hexproof to be an aggravating ability as targeting it is an impossibility. The Dethrone ability gives you an added bonus every time it attacks the player with a life total above yours, a small boon that grows bigger in time. I’ve gotten this rogue to a 6/6 before. Not too shabby.

Granted, Marchesa’s Emissary isn’t legal in most competitive formats but in casual it’s fun and a great for for those come from behind wins. Especially in multiplayer matches.Give it a run.

Swing Last,


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