Card of the Week – Royal Assassin

royals assassin

Yet another “back in my day” tale.

I remember the first time I sat across a newly summoned Royal Assassin. Considering my creatures that had to attack to deal damage, it was a very unfair feeling. The feeling of dread overcame me every time he hit the table.

I saved for weeks to get a copy this guy into my deck. He went well with the first card I ever owned, Norrit. The imp would provoke any creature to attack and the Royal Assassin would step from the shadows and finish them off. I considered these two pieces of cardboard best friends.

As the years went on, Royal Assassin lost his luster. With more and more removal being printed, the 1/1 began the downward spiral of no longer being the hunter, but the hunted. His price went on a steady decline,

I really do love this flavorful creature and it always brought out the best in me to play with or against him. The art was unique and brought fear into many opponent’s veins anytime the assassin crept from the dark to destroy even the largest of attacking creatures.

Swing Last,


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