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5 Demigod of Revenge

When most of us think of an Avatar we think of an elemental force of some supernatural power.

There are currently 63 Avatars in Magic: The Gathering, each with their own special quality.

Most Avatars are quite expensive when it comes to casting cost and make playing a tribal deck quite difficult but it can be done.

Let’s take a look at the best Avatars in Magic history and do a little deck building. Shall we?

Autumn Willow

Our first featured Avatar is Autumn Willow. This Legendary creature could be considered one of the best cards printed inĀ  the Homelands set. For most of you, that only means she was the cream of the crap so to speak but for the older players out there, we still respect the power this card could muster as it’s Shroud made it impossible to fire at and the opponent was capable of casting enchantments as they saw fit. This serene looking lady of Homelands was a force to be reckoned with.

Death’s Shadow

Black has a bad habit of losing life quickly, usually to gain some sort of advantage like additional card draws. Why not cash in on this life loss by casting a one black mana creature that starts at a 13/13 but loses power and toughness based on your life total. Silver lining to this cloud is it gets better as the the game goes on.

Demigod of Revenge

This Avatar is an unfair beast. For five black or red mana you can cast a 5/4 flying haste creature. That may seem a bit expensive but consider that every time you cast it, you may take copies of him that have already died and put them into play. That’s a metric butt ton of game ending damage under the right circumstances.

Divinity of Pride

I’ve really liked this Avatar for a very long time. It flies, has lifelink and becomes a huge beater when your life total gets over 25. Late in the game, the Divinity makes quite a formidable creature and gaining eight life a turn is quite a boon.

Godhead of Awe

There goes the neighborhood. Yet another five casting cost hybrid Avatar from Shadowmoor. This creature makes all creatures in play 1/1. Fair? Not really. Playing blue and white make this Avatar easy to cast and tips the playing field in your favor. If this is a key card in your deck building strategy, you may may want to include spells that plink a damage here and there to clear potential weakened threats.

Reckless One

This is the Avatar of Goblins and boy does he hit hard. Goblin decks are notorious for swarming with small creatures and for just four mana, you can capitalize on that with a creature with haste and power and toughness equal to how many goblins you have in play. This goblin deals a quick strike and can finish many Goblin Deck opponents off by the time he is cast.

Serra Avatar

Serra Avatar has been a staple in quite a few decks from Casual to Commander over the years. This creature takes advantage of your life total and uses it to it’s advantage when dealing damage in combat. It’s also annoying to kill since offing it sends it right back into the player’s deck. Exiling it is key but not all decks contain spells that can do so.

Like what you see from the above Avatars? Great! Here is a fun little tribal deck built with these elemental forces of raw beatdown. It’s not pretty, but it’s straightforward and packs a hell of a punch at the kitchen table. It’s currently just $55 and can be upgraded with Blood Moon. The deck’s main strategy is to race to get five mana as fast as possible and lay a stream of Avatars and attack wildly. Playing Avatar of Discord and pitching Demigod of Revenge isn’t a bad idea either. There is just enough trickery in the deck for some fun interactions with your opponent’s creatures as well.

Swing Last,


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