Battle of Zendikar Wish List


When a new set is released, we all have hopes and expectations. The original Zendikar was an amazing set, full of wonder and adventure. Hopes are high in the Paper Champions camp.

Well, spoiler season is upon us and some of the cards have been revealed. I’ve been impressed with most of them to this point. This is what I’m looking for over the next two sets.

Bring Us A Real War

Battle of Zendikar is supposed to illustrate the war to retake an entire plane from the collosal scale Eldrazi. Show a real war. Make it gritty. Involve cards with war tactics. Have actual armies. Show art illustrating the battles to save the plane. Make it an epic, knock down, drag out, slobberknocker war.

Flesh Out the Characters

Over the last few expansions, planeswalkers have had a uncomfortable comic book feel to them. Please stop writing them to be like superheroes. In my opinion, planeswalkers should not be buddies and be more like Highlander than Fantastic Four. I want to know more about these planeswalkers of Zendikar. Tell me why they fight, What lengths will they go to in order to win in this desperate fight? Will one planeswalker turn against another because of moral conflicts? What are they willing to sacrifice to save their home plane?

Bring Back Landfall

You can check this one off the list. Landfall is here with a vengeance. Additionally, depending on what land is played now triggers even better abilities. Glad to see this ability is back.

Bring Back Traps and Make Them Better

I really enjoyed the theme of trap cards the original sets. My only complaint was how weak they were in comparison to other spells. These spells were nowhere close to other spells over the last few years. BFZ needs to change that.

Full Art Basics

I’ve never been a fan of Noah Bradley’s art but I’m glad to see that this beautiful plane’s land gets the full art it rightly deserves.

Useful Dual Lands

Looking at the special lands in this set, I can say I’m pleased. The fact that these duals have basic lands in their type now make them fetchable under certain circumstances. Sure, Evolving Wilds cant go get them out of your deck but they are still a worthwhile addition to Magic.

Great Equipment

Maybe it’s me but equipment just doesn’t seem to be as good as it once was. I hope that BFZ makes some improvements to these flavorful cards and raise the power level of them to see tournament play.

Swing Last,


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