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Rogues. The word describes the shadiest of customers. They are sneaky shysters that only seem to care about themselves. They are very tricky and know how to get themselves out of trouble and not be caught.

Currently there are exactly 200 rogues in Magic: The Gathering. Considering the amount of rogues to choose from, creating a deck featuring them is not a difficult task. Today, I’ll go over one of my favorite decks, my Rogue Blitz deck.

Rogue Blitz

This deck is extremely cheap and a blast to play. It’s quite straightforward in strategy.

Rogue Blitz hits the ground running with the Prowl ability. Prowl reduces the casting cost of spells if Goblins, Faeries or Rogues dealt combat damage which ensures that your other rogues come into play faster with a reduced casting cost.

Eventually this deck turns from snowball to avalanche with creature boosting, extra turn abilities, hand disruption and additional card draw. If allowed to deal damage early this deck can be a monster but if your opponent manages to control the board early and not allow you to deal damage it whimpers. Early removal is the Achilles of the deck.

Early Strikes

4x Frogtosser Banneret

This rogue cheapens your casting costs for most spells in your deck. Considering his hast he can also score sneaky rogue damage to trigger your prowl abilities. One of two great creatures to have in your opening hand.

4x Oona’s Blackguard

The Blackguards nets some great benifits later in the game. Not only is it evasive which keeps your prowling on a roll it also adds +1/+1 countesr to able bodied rogues which then allows you to disrupt the opponent’s hand as well, something very useful later in the game.

Prowl Squad

4x Stinkdrinker Bandit

This goon arms your unblocked rogues for maximum additional damage. Lucky for you, many of them have evasion abilities which allow them to sneak in and score. He can easily be cast for just two mana after a rogue deals damage to an opponent.

4x Earwig Squad

This nasty prowler can come into play for three mana if you score damage. When he is played for his prowl cost, you can search your opponent’s deck and strip him from three of his most important cards. This completly cripples any combo deck you face. Also keep in mind, Earwig Squad is a 5/3 which is amazing for it’s prowl cost, a real beater of a rogue.

3x Latchkey Faerie

This rogue is a 3/1 flyer for a three mana prowl cost. It also let’s you snag an additional draw when it comes into play. Not too shabby.

Other Shysters

4x Triton Shorestalker

This merfolk rogue is a good first turn play as it sets up for multiple prowl triggers in the future. Swing often.

3x Invisible Stalker

Hexproof and unblockable is the perfect combination for this deck. He can consistently score the damage you need to prowl your hand into play.


2x Hands of Binding

For starters, this spell is cast to paralyze a offending creature for a turn. Then it attaches to one of your already evasive creature for a constant lockdown. Swing often with this cypher card.

3x Noggin Whack

Yes, as this picture illustrates, you will be slapping your opponent with a fish. What better way to make them forget a few spells in hand?

3x Notorious Throng

Managing to get this spell off is typically game over. For it’s prowl cost, you get not only an additional turn but even more flying rogues which under the right circumstances deals massive, game ending damage.

2x Doom Blade and 2x Go for the Throat

Cutting down potential blockers in this deck is critical. Without damage, you are stuck hard casting creatures and spells which does you no favors. Doom Blade and Go for the Throat in this offensive minded role for your deck in the form of good, creature killing instants.

Hit hard and quickly with this deck. Be sneaky, be vicious. You won’t be winning any chess matches here. Remember that snaking in damage is the key to speeding up the deck. Chances are with this deck, if you are blocking you are losing.

Swing Last,


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