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Welcome back to another Creature Feature. Today we will discuss the Kithkin, a short, Hobbit like folk from the Lorwyn/Shadowmoor block. Currently, the Kithkin have 58 creature cards available in their arsenal.

Kithkin are an amazing creature type. In lore, they are very family oriented and work together in groups bound together by a collective consciousness called a thoughtweft. Able to read each others minds, these peaceful farmers and shepard are able to fight tenaciously to defend their homes and lands.

The Great Aurora changed Lorwyn into the dreaded lands of Shadowmoor. The peaceful Kithkin became a very vicious alter ego in result.

Since Kithkin are typically smaller in stature and mana cost, building a blitz deck wouldn’t be much of a challenge. Let’s take a look at our Kithin based tribal aggro deck.

Kithkin Blitz Deck

4x Goldmeadow Stalwart

The deck begins it’s onslaught with this 2/2 for one mana Stalwart. Don’t be particular about which card you reveal with this Kithkin, you will be playing the creatures from your hand soon enough…

4x Knight of Meadowgrain

This two costing 2/2 first strike, lifelink creature is absolutely unfair in the early game. Not only does it deal life draining damage, it also helps with defense, killing off early threats with it’s first strike.

4x Mistmeadow Skulk

If there is one thing the Kithkin are good at, it’s sneaking around the wheat fields they grow. This little guy can block the largest of the large and not take damage thanks to it’s protection ability. Not only that, it can also harvest more life thanks to it’s lifelink ability when dealing damage, attacking undetected under the feet of large late game creatures.

4x Wizened Cenn

The spiritual leader of each Kithkin town is the Cenn. Adding additional power to your diminiutive Kithkin is a great boon while dealing damage with lifelink creatures as well as adding more defense to your thoughtweft.

2x Ballyknock Cohort

This 2/2 for three first strike creature can gain additional power and toughness easilly in this deck.

4x Thoughtweft Trio

Welcome the champion of the Kitkin, three of it’s tightest knit thoughtweft. These three soldiers hit hard and are capable of attacking without tapping at first strike speed. If you happen to lose the creature, the creature you championed originally comes back into play, so no harm no foul.

4x Thistledown Duo

This creature is fun to play with. Easilly cast with white mana, this creature counts as both blue and white. That’s a very important point to keep in mind as we progress into the wheelhouse of this deck.

4x Augury Adept

Another blue/white Kithkin. This one can not only deal damage but also help you draw cards and gain silly amounts of life.

3x Steel of the Godhead

This creature enchantment takes advantage of thistledown Duo and Augury Adept being both blue and white. An unblockable beater, giving you additioanl cards and gaining you life is just what the Cenn ordered.

3x Armored Ascension

If that wasn’t enough, let’s make your Kithkin gain +1/+1 for each Plains you control and fly. In an all white deck, that’s a tremendous amount of hard to block damage, possibly coming from a lifelink creature.

4x Rustic Clachan and 17x Plains

Rustic Clachan adds some additional suprise damage to a first strike creature. Not too shabby.

3x Path to Exile

The deck gets rounded out with the best white removal spell in Modern.

As you can see, Kithkin are no joke and can be just as dangerous as many other aggro decks, especially tribal ones. Give this deck a shuffle.

Swing Last.


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