Tribal Creature Feature – Assassin

The word “assassin” evokes many visions of a cloaked figure in the back of a tavern, standing watch from the shadows. Without warning the moves quickly, following a sole, half-drunk down an alleyway. No sounds are made as the targets throat is slit and is discarded into the gutter. The assailant is gone, a mystery to all whom witnessed any of it.

Assassins are no nonsense, gritty, stone cold killers what finish off their targets without question. Their initial strike is usually all it takes to kill their targets. They are no different in Magic: The Gathering.


There are currently 42 assassins in Magic, most of which are black. Making a tribal deck from these murderous creatures is a bit of a challenge, since their strength lies in their abilities and not so much in their attack power.

One thing can be guaranteed however, your opponent’s creatures will find it difficult to stay alive for long.

In today’s Creature Feature, I’ll show you how to make a Tribal Assassin deck.

Assassin’s Assault

Since assassins are such a weak creature type, we will focus on doing what they do best, killing creatures, and striking quickly and efficiently with an unsuspecting attack.

Our creatures offer some good board control. Guul Draz Assassin and Scarblade Elite offer some early game coverage as you work on getting your third land into play and shredding your opponent’s hand with discard spells like Hymn to Tourach and Wrench Mind.

Once you have established a good base, attack when you have the advantage. If an assassin is about to die, no worries. You can still get some card draw from Altar’s Reap. Casual games will end up slowing to a stand off as your assassins can kill any incoming attackers.

Late game cards include the equipment Runechanter’s Pike which will be well boosted from all the discard spells you have already cast. Your unblocked assassins will also be able to finish off your opponent with some characteristic flavor with casting Dark Ritual into an opponent murdering Hatred. With this instant spell, games can end, very very quickly.

This deck is fairly cheap, just under $70.

Swing Last,


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