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Welcome back to our Friday Night Creature Feature. Today, we will be focusing on Indiana Jones’ mortal enemy, the Snake.

Currently, there are 68 Snakes in Magic with multiple ways to make snake tokens. Most snake tribal decks would end up being a swarming type deck since snakes lack the really hard hitters some other tribal decks can muster. Not all snakes are equal however as we will find out as I roll out my top ten list.

Ambush Viper

I love this card and just can’t say enough about it. In green, which is typically poor at instant speed removal, this card is golden. It’s ability allows it to destroy any attacking creature without evasion. For just two mana it rivals many of black and white removal spells and can stay around to attack with deathtouch if the timing is right.

Coiling Oracle

If you play blue/green consider this snake druid. When he comes into play he gathers you up an additional card draw or a free land put into play, untapped no less. In some instances, it will help you cast another spell that turn. After the additional benefit, in the end you still end up with a chump blocker for later.

Hooded Hydra

I’ve written about this card before. This creature not only comes out somewhat large to begin with if hard cast, it can also be morphed when need be. Then, then it dies, it creates a small army of 1/1 snake tokens. Hooded Hydra is the epitome of value.


Lorescale Coatl

The thing I like best about this snake is that it benefits from something you normally do, draw a card each turn. Without any prompting, within a few turns it can be a threat that must be answered. It left alone, Lorescale can do some serious damage.

Mystic Snake

This snake does something amazing, it counters spells. With counterspells going up in casting cost, this snake could potentially fit in with any blue/green casual deck. As a 2/2 it can hold off smaller creatures from attacking, like tokens or even chump block.

River Boa

This brutal snake has won me many games over the years against blue mages. At first glance the boa doesn’t seem like much but given green’s ability to pump creatures into monsters at instant speed, it’s evasion capability and it’s hard to kill regeneration chances, this snake keeps you in the game.

Sakura-Tribe Elder

This snake is a casual deck all star. So many times have I seen this creature chump blocking, sacrificed then turned into a free basic land fetch. This small boost helps gather a multicolored deck up when given a poor land draw.

Voracious Cobra

This green/red oddity has one of the most deadly card combos all rolled into one, deathtouch and first strike. Left as a blocker, Cobra can slam the brakes on many attacking opponents regardless of how big their creatures may be.

Wasteland Viper

Similar to his cousin the Ambush Viper, Wasteland can give another creature his power/toughness and abilities, namely deathtouch at instant speed. Remember that it does not have to be played for it’s Bloodrush ability and can be played straight up for a permanent 1/2 deathtouch creature.

Winged Coatl

Same common theme, flash, deathtouch and what is this? Flying? Flying snakes seem a bit creepy to me but for blocking players, they can snag and take down a large jumbo jet. Insert mandatory “Snakes on a Plane” reference here.

As you can see, slithering all over your opponents can be not only fun but dangerous as well.

Swing Last,


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