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The creature type Angel has been in Magic: The Gathering since day one. Over the years, copies of spectacular winged assistants of the gods have graced the cardboard faces in decks everywhere.

I remember the first time my eyes gazed at the beautiful Serra Angel. Immediately I chased after her and managed to get two copies in my deck. Instantly, my deck has firepower and could win with style. Years later, I managed to get my hands on signed copies by Douglas Shuler.

As the years went on other angels found homes in my decks. Usually more expensive in casting cost and widely varied in abilities. Each angel is unique and no angel is ever boring in Magic.

Out of the 118 angels currently available, I’ve broke it down to my top ten.

Angelic Skirmisher

Since Return to Ravnica block was printed, I’ve been playing multiple decks with this gem. Each turn, even your opponent’s turn, your Angelic Skirmisher bestows Lifelink, First Strike or Vigilance. Thanks to her, you are able to surgically strike and pick your opponent away at will and create a formidable defensive front against any potential threats. If left in play, Angelic Skirmisher can be a game ender.

Avycyn, Angel of Hope

When going to any Magic event there is always at least one person in cosplay dressed as Avycyn. Funny how this character inspires us in real life as well as the people she served in Innistrad. In game terms, this massive flying and vigilance angel not only is indestructible, but makes friendly creatures indestructible as well. Once she hits the board, whether in casual or Commander, an opponent’s death is soon to follow.

Linvala, Keeper of Silence

I love this angel because it can be played as a stand alone creature or to shut down various decks that contain permanents with activation abilities. This slows down the game and allows you to neutralize threats. That’s great at only a four casting cost.

Platinum Angel

If you ever want to hear an audible groan from an opponent, drop this creature into play. Of course it may result in other comments as well or evil glares. Since it’s printing the 4/4 flying Platinum Angel has been the spokescreature for “No Fun” since when it’s in play, you can’t lose and your opponent’s can’t win.

Restoration Angel

It’s no shock this angel has hit my list. I’ve personally never had the pleasure of dropping this creature into play but I have been on the wrong end of it. It’s always a surprise, often as I’m attacking. Not only does it typically block and kill an attacker, it also flickers a creature, one with come into play effects. Thirdly, it counter attacks on my opponent’s turn. this creature has been debated as being unfair but in my opinion, that means it must be good.


This little known angel used to be my side chick. Then again, she was everybody’s side chick with her creature stealing ability. Once she kills off an opponent’s creature, it comes into play under your control which leads into more damage or sacrificing abilities. Believe me, playing creature stealing with white is great fun.

Serra Angel

In the early days of competitive Magic, the best decks contained a deck full of counterspells and just one copy of Serra Angel. That seems silly today with the complicated and synergistic decks we have seen recently but in days long past, this was Magic dominance.

Sublime Archangel

In casual Magic, this angel is dominant. Not only does it give all the creature you control Exalted, if a creature already has exalted, it now double triggers. Since this creature flies, chances are Sublime Archangel will be the executor of potentially game breaking damage.

Sunblast Angel

This angel has served me well over the last two years I have been testing it. When it comes into play it destroys all tapped creatures in play. Best played before your combat, it can also be flickered during the opponent’s attack, clearing away any offenders. Playing with a pick and choose Wrath of God is great.

Tariel, Reckoner of Souls

Tariel has gained the appreciation of Commander players everywhere. Not only is the art by Wayne Reynolds brilliant, it unlocks white, black and red for Commander decks. It’s ability is dynamic as it brings random opponent’s creatures into play to do your bidding. this is a great ability in Commander as many of the creatures in the format are massive behemoths and these three colors are perfect to have with removal spells.

Swing Last,


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