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myr sphere

When I first laid eyes on the toucan nosed Myr, I knew I’d be going out of my way to create a tribal deck involving them.They seem to be the cutest thing I could possibly wrap my mind around to include in a deck.

The Myr first surfaced in the set Mirrodin. This plane, made of metal, was inhibited by this diminutive race of creatures. At first they were a mystery to all until their true purpose was revealed.

Despite only 35 Myr being printed over the years, it has contributed to the card pool to choose from when making a tribal deck with these little guys. Today, we will go over a fun deck I’ve created.

Fear the Myr!

This deck has so many different threats. The synergy based around your mana making Myr set your deck up with a multitude of ways to win.

4x Gold Myr, 4x Leaden Myr, 4x Silver Myr, 4x Palladium Myr

These creatures are the crux of your mana production. Only two of the three colors are needed and the Gold Myr and Silver Myr can be substituted if you prefer Copper Myr or Iron Myr’s artwork or sideboard option for green or red. Palladium Myr brings twice as much mana to the table. Your deck should never run mana starved.

4x Myr Galvanizer

This Myr does double duty. First off, he boosts the other Myr in play, turning even your weakest Myr into formidable 2/2s. Secondly, For just 1 colorless mana, you can untap all Myr you control. Consider having two Galvanizers in play with other Myr mana sources available. Yes, that’s right, infinite mana is possible.

What can Myr do best with infinite mana?

Make more Myr.

3x Myr Incubator

With infinite mana, you can not only play Myr Incubator but activate it, emptying your deck from artifacts. This bloats the field full of 1/1 Myr tokens, even larger when additional Galvanizers are in play. Beware! Only play this when you know your opponent has no way to sweep your Myr from play. Once these tokens are gone, if you removed all the artifacts from your deck, that’s it. you are done.

3x Myr Battlesphere

I can’t imagine something more deadly and cute all at the same time. A massive rolling wad of Myr rolling down the hill Indiana Jones style, crushing anything in it’s path. When played correctly, this Battlesphere has the potential for massive amounts of lethal damage, not from an attack damage but by tapping Myr which does additional infinite damage from repetitive untapping thanks to the Myr Galvanizer. Fear the Sphere!

4x Lodestone Myr

This Myr works a bit differently, instead of tapping other Myr for mana, you can tap them to boost the Lodestone Myr +1/+1. With the Galvanizer in play, this can be done an infinite amount of times, resulting in a pumped beyond survival amount of trample damage in the same way the Battlesphere can deal additional damage.

4x Myr Superion

The Superion is great support for a deck like this and let me tell you, a third turn 5/6 is no joke. Hopefully, playing this creature early can snare some removal spells which leaves the opponent disadvantaged late game where your creatures really matter. I have played matches with this deck where the Superion managed to do enough damage early and squeek enough Myr token damage to win the game.

4x Parasitic Implant

Even though there is much better removal spells in Magic, this one fits out theme perfectly. Enchanting a creature gives it just one more turn until a Myr bursts through it’s chest like the movie Alien. Great fun.

4x Urza’s Tower, 4x Urza’s mine, 4x Urza’s Power Plant

These lands fuel the deck even further just in case infinite cannot be achieved due to poor draws or removal, these lands can give your the boost you are looking for.

4x Mirrodin’s Core

Another card more worthy of a Vorthos award than for it’s functionality. In case the deck is altered for more efficient removal, it can supply additional multi-colored mana.

In the right hands, this deck is an unsuspecting beast that can strike with quick and overwhelming force. Even when suspected of infinite mana shenanigans you can still power home some sufficient damage to finish off foes. in it’s current state, the deck is budget worthy weighing in at just under $60. Fear the Myr! The deck can be found here.

Swing Last


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