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Halloween is here!

Over the years, Wizards has created many cards that evoke the Halloween spirit. The color black is notorious for many creatures and spells with ghosts, zombies, skeletons and vampires. With this in mind, the Paper Champion will create a Halloween themed deck that will summon jealousy from your opponents.

This is Halloween Deck

This deck uses creatures and spells to discard or put creatures into your graveyard. Once there, those creatures can be brought back to life in numerous ways, including a well timed All Hallow’s Eve. This deck is a casual one and definitely not ready for serious tournament play. Some of the creatures are played only for thematic effect but when shuffled and dealt, the strategy becomes more evident.

You begin the play with Putrid Imp, Cackling Witch and Walking Dead into an eventual Screeching Bat, Frankenstein’s Monster¬† or Headless Horseman. These creatures will help you deal early damage and defend yourself with a regenerating blocker. The Imp and the Witch will do the dirty work, tossing nearly uncastable creatures into your graveyard. Also feel free to play Buried Alive to take your most frightening creatures from your deck straight to death.

Once your graveyard is filled with scary creatures, take your opponent’s graveyard out of the equation. Gravestorm gives the opponent the option of cleaning out their crypt or allowing you to draw a card. Crypt Incursion will strip the opponent’s graveyard bare and grant you some useful life.

This is where it gets devious. With your graveyard full of the most spooktacular creatures play¬†All Hallow’s Eve or Tombstone Stairwell. These two spells can single handedly destroy the opponent when their graveyard is bare. All Hallow’s Eve is the better of the two cards since it has the potential to return massive creatures into play but Tombstone Stairwell can keep things exciting as well.

Your real killer creatures in the match are Spirit of Night, Nightmare, Mephidross Vampire, Demonic Hordes, and Looming Shade. Each one has a particular purpose. Spirit of Night is a pure beatstick. Nightmare and Looming Shade are included to punish your opponent’s for your using deck containing all Swamps. The Demonic Hordes is an enjoyable card to bring out early as it can chew up your opponents lands leaving them helpless for the rest of the game. Lastly, the Mephidross Vampire can turn your regenerating Walking Dead into real threats over time if regenerated properly.

Enjoy your Halloween tricks and treats, behave yourselves and stay safe.

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