Tribal Creature Feature – Spirit

Tower Geist

The spirit, or ghost is a mysterious figure that has been in folklore and mythology for millennia. Thousands of stories have focused on these otherworldly beings. These tortured souls wander restlessly , seeking vengeance or redemption.

In Magic: The Gathering, they are no different. 403 Spirits grace our battlefields, each with their own malevolent agenda.

For today’s Halloween edition of Creature feature, we review a tribal deck focused on these spirits and the destructive assault they can unleash.

Curious Spirits Deck

This deck is all about disrupting your opponent’s goals and buying time for what will eventually become a destructive spirits onslaught. The deck has multiple ways to tap problematic creatures, return them to the opponent’s hand as well as drawing extra cards quickly which allows you the land needed to cast higher end casting cost spirits for the eventual ghostly beat down.

Your first order of business is to establish an early mini-lock and keep your hand full. An attacking and unblocked Niblis of the Urn enchanted with Curiosity can net an early advantage in card draw. The Niblis isn’t the only attacker worthwhile. the deck is full of flyers and intimidate spirits that can score several hits without potential blockers interfering.

Once you have established control, not only in card draw but also buffing with +1/+1 bonuses, there are three main spirits that will be most problematic for your opponent.

Drogskol Captain not only offers your spirits a +1/+1 buff, he also makes them hexproof. Keep in mind, if you need a target for Curiosity, you can always cast it on the Captain since he gives “other” spirits hexproof, unless you have another in play.

Dungeon Geists is a very pesky card, as every time it hits the field it’s paralyzing an opponent’s creature as long as it stays in play. With evasion and potential for hexproof with the aforementioned Drogskol Captain, getting him from play will be extremely difficult.

The third, Windborn Muse, forces your opponent to spend valuable resources to attack every turn, slowing them down and allowing you to amass and attack with your quickly forming and hard to block spirit army.

With your spirits buffed and untargtable, it will be just a matter of time before critical damage is achieved.

This tribal deck is budget friendly at a slim $27 and fun for the kitchen table.


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