Tribal Creature Feature – Frogs


Ribbit! Frogs are interesting little creatures that evoke curiosity from many of us. These webbed amphibians enjoy time both on land and the water. They are carnivorous eating worms and insects with a long tongue. A person wouldn’t see much threat from a frog but as you will see shortly, frogs in Magic: The Gathering are not to be trifled with.

Ribbit Robbers

First off, I’ll go on record to say this deck is illegal in Tribal Magic events. The key card in making this deck’s combo work, Peer Pressure is illegal in the Tribal format.

With that disclaimer, let’s look at this deck from a more casual perspective.

Ribbit Robbers is a deck fulled with frog creatures as well as spells that can turn your opponent’s creatures into frogs. Taking this into account, Peer Pressure can rob your opponent of his frog creatures.

Early in the game, the key is to stall for time to build your mana base. Without counter magic or dependable removal this will require some underhanded trickery that comes in the form of combat tricks like Polymorphist’s JestRapid Hybridization and Turn to Frog.

Polymorphist’s Jest is a great card to play when the opponent attacks with many creatures or blocks with many creatures. when played, it turns the opponent’s creatures into 1/1 frogs which are easily squashed underfoot in combat. if played with correct timing, this spell doubles as a board wipe. Turn to Frog does the same but just to one target. Rapid Hybridization can kill an opponent’s attacker or problem creature and leave them with a frog token. It also can turn your chump blocker that may die in combat anyway into a 3/3 frog. A good card in a pinch.

Your frog creatures are also built to stall. With defense in mind, Crocanura and Whiptongue Frog have good defensive capability. One builds with future creature casts and the other can leap and block or attack as a flyer for the turn. Spore Frog can sacrifice itself for a Fog effect. Plaxcaster Frogling is just too good not to use.

After several turns of stalling, it’s time to preform the ultimate heist. By this time you have manipulated the battlefield enough to have more creatures than your opponent, even if by just one. Casting Polymorphist’s Jest or Standardize and naming “Frog” turns all your opponent’s creatures into frogs. Then, follow the spell with Peer Pressure. With this simple combo, you will have stolen all your opponent’s creatures. A tactic truly worthy of the Hypnotoad himself. You can also cherry pick individual creatures by casting any of the previously mentioned creature control or use Omnibian and then casting Peer Pressure.

This deck is a measly $23 and is suitable for any friendly Magic setting. Ribbit!

Swing Last,


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