Commander Disaster

tibor and lumia

I’m terrible at Commander. In fact, I’m probably the worst Commander player I know.

I began attempting to play Commander during the Commander 2013 deck releases. I could had easily just purchased a deck and played straight from the box like my girlfriend did but I thought I knew better and wanted to be more original. My inner Johnny had spoken.

My first Commander deck featured Tibor and Lumia, one of my favorite legendary creatures. The red/blue deck included many of my favorite creatures and card draw in those colors. Needless to say, I was stomped into oblivion from massive creatures attacking me from all sides as Tibor and Lumia pinged these behemoths with insignificant damage.

I immediately went to the internet to see what I had done wrong. It was obvious my deck building was way off. My small creatures were no match for the huge creatures Commander has to offer. I found several deck lists for my commander, purchased many of the listed singles and tried again.

Still no luck.

Maybe my commander was weak. So I thought more about one that would be more durable. I just knew that Dakkon Blackblade was the commander for me and I sought out the best cards to complement his quest to deal 21 commander damage to defeat opponents quickly.

With my new strategy in place I was quickly dispatched by all opponents. I even went to MTGO to practice, purchasing the cards there as well. I’ve worked on a Sen Triplets deck. I also spent hours researching for better strategy online. Still, no luck. Every attempt I made was in vain.

I broke down and bought not one but two Commander 2013 decks. At over $30 a pop, this wasn’t a small investment but my girlfriend enjoying the format made it a heck of a temptation. Playing with these decks made the game much more understandable for me but I still wasn’t gaining any ground on winning a match.

I’ve spent quite a bit of money on Commander over the years and have only gained 3-4 wins in that time. Most of my games have been one on one battles. I’ve been told that multiplayer games are more entertaining. All the times I’ve attempted them online, they have been cold slugfests between players with many brutal combos and multiple effect chains.

For whatever reason, I just don’t get the format and I’ve spent way too much money to stay so bad.

I still have the paper versions of the decks but have sold the digital versions for more Modern format staples. I am considering purchasing one of the new Commander decks for my girlfriend.  It’s going to be a bloody Christmas.

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