Magic: The Gathering 2015 Holiday Guide

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With the holiday gift giving season in full swing, we all have gamers to think about. In today’s article we will review at all the goodies you can wrap for your card flopping friends.

The statement, “Magic players like cards.” may seem like a no brainer but getting the right product for Christmas can be key. There are several products out there that can please a player.

gift boxHoliday Gift Box 2015 (Apx. $25)

First up is the Magic: The Gathering Holiday Gift Box. Inside this box are five Battle for Zendikar booster packs containing random cards from the set, several land cards as well as an alternative art card. The box itself can double as a card box which comes with dividers¬† to keep certain cards in the collection separate.¬† The box can contain up to 2,000 cards. I’ve also been told the box is more durable than in past years so this makes for a thoughtful gift for players that have no way to keep their cards and can be purchased in mainstream retail stores like Wal-Mart or Target as well as gaming stores.

toolkitOrigins Deck Builder’s Toolkit (Apx. $20)

The Deck Builder’s Toolkit is a bit deceiving for purchasers not on the Magic loop. This box contains four different packs of the last four sets, hundreds of cheaper not so random cards as well as lands. This gift is best given to new players that may not have a large collection. I do not recommend giving this to long time players as the cards included are not at the best power level and catered towards a newer collector. This can be purchased at many mainstream retail stores and gaming stores.

commanderCommander 2015 (Apx. $30)

The Commander 2015 deck contains many cards for use in a very specific format. This present is best for long time players and not necessarily newer ones. This can be purchased in major retail stores as well as gaming stores.


boosterBattle for Zendikar Booster Pack (Apx. $4)

Purchasing Booster packs as gifts is the easiest present choice. All players enjoy getting their hands on these packs of random cards. There are many sets of cards avalible and any will do, however, the ones you see above can contain extremely rare cards that come with a heavy price tag on the secondary market, which all players would enjoy getting for the holidays. Booster packs can be found at any major retail store as well as gaming stores.

deck boxUltra Pro Deck Box (Various Prices)

What of your player has enough cards? Easy. Locate his local gaming store and take a look at several other options for them. At these gaming stores you can purchase other items such as deck boxes, dice, and deck protectors. Each one of these items come at a varied cost dependent on the store. All of these products come in a multitude of colors and styles.

What if your player has all of these items? Easy! Get them a custom playmat from They currently have thousands of images to choose from as well as a feature to make your own custom playmat. These are the great “has everything” gift since you can add any picture to grace your player’s playing surface.

If that doesn’t suit your gifting tastes find what cards your player needs and purchase them online using I’ve used this service in the past and can vouch for it’s ability to get you the cards you need in a timely and cheap manner. You can even purchase packs and other products from pasts sets there.

With any luck, the above ideas will make Santa’s job a little easier this year.

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