Tribal Creature Feature – Rhino

When people think of rhinos, they usually talk of a massive horned mammal, crashing over the savannas of Africa. These endangered animals are sought for the value of their horns, a spike that can be found on the tips of their grey snouts.

There are currently 26 rhinos in Magic: The Gathering. The first printed rhino, Ebony Rhino from Homelands, was actually an artifact creature. In recent years, rhinos have gone from the typical four legged beasts to bipedal humanoids, the most famous of these being the Rhox and the Stonehorn.

In today’s Creature Feature, we will take a brief look at the best rhinos in Magic: The Gathering.

dauntlessDauntless Escort

#5 Dauntless Escort

This rhino is a solid 3/3 for three mana.  If attacking and defending are you game, it swings well but also has a fun ability. He can take one for the team and be sacrificed to save his allies, making them indestructible until end of turn. This is a great rhino to have against decks that rely to heavily on mass removal spells and effects.

sigilSigil Captain

#4 Sigil Captain

If you haven’t learned by now, I’m a sucker for an underdog. Sigil Captain is as well, enlisting the aid of 1/1 creatures everywhere and tossing them a couple +1/+1 counters as they enter play. Have multiple Sigil Captains? Suddenly your small token creature army becomes a a very real, gigantic threat.

cliffrunnerCliffrunner Behemoth

#3 Cliffrunner Behemoth

As with many of the rhinos on this list, the rhino’s strength is dependant on what color deck you are playing with. Cliffrunner Behemoth is dependent on red and white as it gains haste and lifelink respectively. A 5/3 haste, lifelink creature is nothing to scoff at and is a creature that will need to be dealt with immediately.


#2 Rhox

Rhox is an old throwback to Magic’s beatdown past. This 5/5 not only can regenerate but it also does it’s combat damage to the opponent as if it wasn’t blocked if you choose. This is huge later in a game where slipping the last bit of damage to finish off an opponent is important.

seigerhinoSiege Rhino

#1 Siege Rhino

Siege Rhino at #1 is a no-brainier. No rhino has had an effect in it’s Standard format like this brute. It steals three life from an opponent when it crashes into play and is a solid 4/5 creature, not something that can easily be taken out. It also deals trample damage as most rhinos do. Still not a believer? Step into the Standard ring and face this rhino. It isn’t difficult to see why this horned dominator isn’t easy to contend with.

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2 responses to “Tribal Creature Feature – Rhino

    • The gap between #5 and any honorable mention rhinos is a very small gap and it was difficult picking the bottom two or three on my list.

      I chose Dauntless Escort over Rhox War Monk because the War Monk has a worse casting cost. Also, I envision an all out attack/block sequence where the Escort could be optimal. It also keeps mass or targeted removal in your opponent’s hand, knowing that a quick sacrifice from the Escort would save creatures. A poor man’s Spellskite if you will.

      Rhox War Monk is no slouch. It has a big butt, which adds to his suitability from Lightning Bolts and can add considerable amounts to your life total.

      Both are worth talking about, I just happened to lean towards the Escort. Thanks for the comment!

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