The Best Uncommons of Oath of the Gatewatch

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Last week, we reviewed the best commons the set had to offer. This week, we’ll take a look at the uncommons of the set and talk about other good cheap cards the set contains as well as a surprise for our readers later in the article. Let’s jump right in with our first card.

baloth pupBaloth Pup

This 3/1 is a wrecking ball for it’s 2 mana requirement and in green it’s not exactly difficult to give this Pup a +1/+1 counter, granting it trample. I look for this creature to start off some some aggro decks in the future. Sadly, his small defense makes him a target for burn.

devourDevour in Flames

This is a great burn card to come out of this set. For three mana you can do 5 damage to a target creature or planeswalker. Typically, that amount of damage to either of those targets is terminal. The assumed drawback is that you must return a land back to your hand but with the amount of landfall abilities available, you can use it as a benefit. It’s speed is a tad slow since it’s a sorcery but with careful planning it can deal just the right amount of damage when the time is right.

droneFlayer Drone

I’ve said it over and over. A 3/1 first strike creature is serious business. This one has the added benefit where if one of it’s devoid brethren¬† enters play, opponents lose additional life. With the amount of Eldrazi Scion tokens being created in today’s game that isn’t a difficult task.

flayingFlaying Tendrils

…and what card would be great against said Eldrazi Scions tokens? You got it, Flaying Tendrils. This card cleans house on all those pesky smaller creatures that may seize control of your battlefield. Not only do they go away, they are exiled and never come back. This card is comparable to it’s scrying cousin, Drown in Sorrow.

gripGrip of Darkness

This instant should see play in multiple formats. It’s -4/-4 isn’t too shabby and brings down many creatures. It’s also priced well with it’s two black mana casting cost and regenerating creatures can’t survive it. This is a pretty good spell.

glareImmolating Glare

Chances are the creatures you want to see destroyed are the ones dealing you damage. This conveniently costed instant is just the ticket to bring down raging Eldrazi. I expect to see this used in Limited as a timely creature removal option.

reflectorReflector Mage

Does anyone else see this wizard infiltrating some of the more annoying W/U or Esper builds in the days to come? I do. Add flicker effects to taste and you have the potential for a real pest. With it’s added defense it also has some durability which makes it even more difficult to kill.

reliefRelief Captain

This Kor Knight has potential. It’s power/toughness isn’t spectacular but the fact it brings three +1/+1 counters to the game is a great boon for your side. Bringing this into play can bring already summoned creatures out of kill range for burn spells or combat tricks.

wailWarping Wail

Many players have commented on how good this spell is. In it’s current environment, it’s a decent card, with Wastes available and all. It’s not a bad card. However, I do not look for this card to be popular past an occasional sighting in Standard and Limited.

That’s it, the best of the cheapest cards available in Oath of the Gatwatch.

avalanche riders

I’d like to conclude today’s article by announcing that next week, Paper Champion will be interviewing Magic Hall of Famer, Magic Invitational winner and occasionally controversial Darwin Kastle. We’ll be talking about the early years of his Magic career, what it’s like having his face on a Magic card, his game Star Realms as well was what card he never wishes to see again.

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