Aiokii’s Budget Modern Green Devotion


Welcome back! Today, I’ll feature a deck that could be considered for one of the cheapest I’ve worked on yet. Originally, this deck was worked on by my fiance till she passed it off for me to dabble with. Typically, I don’t like working on other people’s projects since their play styles will often vary with mine. When she handed this deck off to me I jumped at the chance to add some budget improvements.

Mean Green Machine

This deck is very easy to play, get mana efficient creatures into play to add to your devotion count and then boost them to clobber your opponent with your cardboard army. You won’t be needing a fancy mana base which would increase the price of the deck. If you were to add non-basic lands, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx would be a useful pick up for the deck to fuel the higher casting cost creatures.

Speaking of creatures, let’s take a look at the damage dealers.

4x Elvish Visionary

A good green card draw machine. At no time during your games with this deck will you not want to draw more cards.

4x Imperiosaur

With such a simple mana base, Imperiosaur is a no brainer. The creature is a stout 5/5 for just four mana.

4x Kalonian Tusker

Another mana efficient creature, a 3/3 for two.

3x Leatherback Baloth

Yet another high devotion creature, the Baloth is a 4/5 for three green mana. It’s currently the highest priced creature in the deck at just over $1.

3x Nacatl War-Pride

The War-Pride is a tricky creature as we will explore later. At first glance it could be considered overpriced for it’s ability but it has the potential for massive devotion fuel.

4x Reverent Hunter

The reverent Hunter gain’s +1/+1 counters for your devotion, which under most circumstances will be high.

2x Skarrg Goliath

Sadly, you won’t be playing this creature much as a permanent attacker. His true strength lies in his Bloodrush ability which can turn even a measly 1/1 into a towering 10/10 trample creature at instant speed. My fiance demanded this card stay in her deck so I obliged. It could be replaced¬† with another high devotion creature if your tastes see fit.

The other spells in the deck follow the same game plan as the Goliath, hit with unblocked, decent sized creatures and surprise the opponent with spells that boost them based on your devotion and amount of Forests you have in play.

4x Aspect of Hydra

4x Primal Bellow

Aspect and Bellow are your two go to spells for dealing maximum damage. Play when you need to keep a creature alive, crush blockers or hit the opponent for lethal. Their casting costs are low which makes them easy to cast at vital times. With four copies each you will be drawing them quite a bit which can lead to constant casts that end games quickly.

Aspect of Hydra can be used in conjunction with an attack from Nacatl War-Pride. Attacking with the War-Pride creates an army of copies which also have the same casting cost as the original. Barring a perfectly timed removal spell, at least one of the attackers will go unblocked. By casting the Aspect on the unblocked creature, the copies will contribute to even more devotion which creates a tremendous blast of damage.

4x Blanchwood Armor

This enchantment cannot be cast instantly like our other boost spells but adds considerable damage that must be answered.

This deck weighs on at a measly $15, affordable at any level and fun enough to keep around when you are in a massive damage kind of mood. The deck is also great for newer players. Enjoy!

Swing Last,


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