Best Commons of Shadows over Innistrad

catharscompanionI hope you brought your magnifying glass and Sherlock Holmes hat because the Shadows over Innistrad set has been fully revealed. Today, Paper Champion will look over the best cards at the commons slot. Most of them are used best in a casual Magic setting however, you may see some of these spells cast in more competitive Magic events near you.

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Carhar’s Companion

I’m excited to think I could potentially attack with a 3/1 or larger, Indestructible creature turn after turn. This hound could do some excellent damage in the right combat tricks situation where white is known to shine.

Grotesque Mutation

A spell you could easily cast on the aforementioned creature is this Mutation. Cast it on any creature to grant a significant amount of Lifelink damage gained back in health. Black isn’t really well known for these kinds of instants but this one is a step in the right direction.

forkintheroadFork in the Road

Many players are looking at ways to get more types of cards into their graveyards. In casual Magic one card type that isn’t well known for sitting at the bottom of a dead pile is lands. If you can’t afford fetchlands, try this spell out. Fork in the Road fetches, then pitches lands to the graveyard, which is very important for the Delirium abilities found with this set.

Nagging Thoughts

When I first saw this card my thoughts immediately went to the Delve mechanic some of us are still reeling from in some Modern circles. this card is a decent way to not only draw a card from the top two but it also allows you to pitch one of them not only for Delve abilities but Delirium as well.

Stern Constablesternconstable

Who would ever think a Stern Constable would be up to such dastardly shenanigans? With all the Madness and Delirium abilities in this set, the Constable will be filling the graveyard with all sorts of cards while tapping creatures with virtually no downside. I see this human getting a serious workout in the upcoming set.

Moldgraf Scavenger

This is the common of the set for budget players wanting something even close to Tarmogoyf’s power. Is it as good as the King of Swing? No. But I do think it will see some ammount of Standard play and it will give players a taste of what it’s like to play with the more expensive version. That’s alright with me.

rabidbiteRabid Bite

This spell replaces many of the Fight mechanic spells in the last few sets that have the same casting cost. With this spell, the creature you target won’t be returning damage which allows you to pick off creatures easier before the attack step or sucker punching (or biting) damaged creatures after combat. For a color devoid of direct damage, this card good.

Pieces of the Puzzle

There is four reasons this card will see play in Standard and Limited. They are the four cards you will pitching to the graveyard to fuel Delirium and Madness. This card isn’t broken but it will be offering an exceptional chance of activating Delirium on turn three.

Thrabin Inspector thrabeninspector

I’m not all that excited about the Investigate ability and here’s why. Many of the cards have a larger cost than normal in order to bring out a clue that you will have to invest even more mana into being able to draw a card later. Out of all the Investigate cards, I wouldn’t be against playing this one in a Limited format only. It’s cheap to play for a creature that nets you a draw later down the road. White isn’t know for massive card draw so it has my thumbs up.

Dead Weight

I’ve liked Black’s version of shock for some time now and have used it in many of my more casual decks needing enchantments. The -2/-2 stays until the target is dead which is a help when being battered by a creature larger than your own.

Solitary Hunter

Out of all the flip cards in the commons slot, this is the only one I’d take a chance on. A 3/4 for 4 mana isn’t great but on the off chance someone neglects to cast a spell it flips to a 5/6 which is pretty good. Could have uses at a Limited or Tribal level.

Next week, we will review the best uncommons of the set. See you next week!

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