Best Uncommons of Shadows over Innistrad


Welcome back! There was no internet service within 30 square miles of here yesterday, so the newest article had to wait.Our last article featured the best commons of Shadows over Innistrad, this week we look at the winning uncommons.

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I’m really excited about this sets uncommons. There is a wide variety of cards available, each having it’s own flavor in it’s abilities. The uncommon level also features better flip cards than the commons slot previously did. So many of the cards not listed were good in my eyes but these are the best of them. Let’s jump right in!

Aberrant Researcher

this card was near the top of everyone’s watch list during spoiler season. I don’t think it will be as used as it’s little brother Delver of Secrets. With that in mind and with blue getting a bit of a boost in regards to control, I look for this card to see play at the Standard and Limited level.

Behind the Scenesabberant

It makes me chuckle to myself that this card is exactly what it says it is. Something tells me this card will be played by some budget B/W Token decks, allowing for a horde of unblocked damage. Usually, Token decks play with spirits which are already evasive. Behind the Scenes will open the door to play soldier or human tokens as well.

Duskwatch Recruiter

I can’t really place why I feel this card is good. Perhaps it’s multiple things. The first thing I like is it’s a 2/2 for one green and one generic mana. Secondly, it lets me dig into my deck for creature cards. thirdly, when flipped it allows me to cast said creature card with a reduced mana cost. All these things rolled into one make this a very sound card.

hermitlone wolf

Hermit of the Natterknolls

A trick of mine against flip werewolves is to cast instants at the end of my opponent’s turns to have all their werewolves flip back to their original and weaker forms. This hermit punishes that strategy by drawing additional cards for each spell I cast. Green isn’t really known for it’s card draw bit this one is something worth considering.

Lightning Axe

There isn’t really an easier way to reach your Madness or Delirium requirement than pitching a card from Lightning Axe. By doing so, you can deal 5 damage to a target creature which is more than enough to kill most everything you will see in play.

Manic Scribe

Can decking an opponent be a thing now? Time will tell as this creature could quite possibly replace Hedron Crab in Modern since it’s effect is a constant thing as opposed to the crab’s Landfall ability.

Open the Armoryopen the armory

It’s foolish to think a spell like this won’t see play in EDH. Not only will it fetch aura enchantments but equipment as well. A card this versatile will see playtime in most every Commander deck containing white.

Pale Rider of Trostad

As if discarding a card in this block was a bad thing, Wizards prints another 3/3 for two mana with a minimal downside considering all the Madness and Delirium in the set. This card will see play in black aggro Limited and Standard decks.

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