Aiokii’s Stitcher’s Apprentice


I’ve always been against playing infinite combo decks and have only done so rarely in the last twenty years of my Magic experience. One of the least enjoyable experiences in the game is sitting across from an opponent as they “go off”, tapping and untapping mana over again until you are either die from boredom, concede or get blasted with enough damage to wipe the living from the face of planet Earth.

The following deck is different and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the thought of the horde of little Homunculus tokens. Maybe it’s because forcing the opponent to draw their deck is the win condition. It could even be one of the main combo pieces is a one-eyed freak of nature.

Today’s deck does all three.

Stitcher’s Apprentice

4x Elvish Mystic

4x Manaweft Sliver

4x Sylvan Caryatid

4x Utopia Tree

The strength of the deck is it’s mana base. Sixteen creatures in the deck give mana. Your deck won’t be attacking so there is no need for any amount of offense. Just hang back and fuel the deck with mana dorks. Ultimately, you will want at least three of these creatures in play before you fire off the combo.zenith

4x Blue Sun’s Zenith

3x Jace’s Ingenuity

4x Compulsive Research

Here is the card draw that will gather your combo in a timely fashion. Try to keep at least one Blue Sun’s Zenith in your hand but in a pinch you can play it to refill you hand. The spell will return to the deck as needed.

With Compulsive Research, you will be looking to pitch a land anyway, so do so when available.

4x Mana Leak

4x Remand

These two counterpells are just for protecting your combo pieces. Keep them handy until late game.

4x Stitcher’s Apprentice

4x Intruder Alarm

These two permanents are your main combo pieces. With three mana producing creatures, Stitcher’s Apprentice and Intruder Alarm in play, tap your mana creatures, create a Homunculus token, then sacrifice it. Bringing the token into play will trigger the Alarm which untaps all your mana producers. Repeat this until you have plenty of mana to cast a deck drawing Blue Sun’s Zenith on your opponent.

The combo is more complicated to set up so it’s not intended for competitive play. It’s a $70 Modern budget casual race against time that can be trimmed in price by finding an alternate to Remand. You can also raise it’s effectiveness by buying birds of Paradise or Breeding Pools. Enjoy!

Like this deck? You can contact Aiokii in the comments below or follow him on Twitter or Facebook. Aiokii can also be found on MTGO, hit him up for a game sometime. Also, take the time to check out Reddit Budgetdecks for cheap discussion and deck ideas.

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