Booster Battle Pack Review

Today Paper Champion will be taking on the Booster Battle Pack, a product that Wizards of the Coast has stocked on many retail chain shelves. This product sells for $9.99 at stores like Wal-Mart and Target. The Booster Battle Pack is intended for new players that would like to get their feet wet in Magic and may not have access to a game store.


Inside each pack you will find two 30 card decks and two booster packs. There is also a quick rules reference guide. Most veteran players will recognize these mini-decks as the decks given away to new players in the past at their local game stores, mostly to beginners.

These decks are 100% casual and intended for the use of players learning magic. By no means will these decks be capable of taking on anything past the realm of the other deck enclosed in the box. Even when you combine the two decks together and add any decent cards from the boosters, you will still have a very random deck of mostly commons and uncommons.

For the newer player, there are several cards which illustrate how the game works including evergreen keyword abilities as well as creature buffing instant speed spells. It will give you a good grasp of the game and allow you to practice strategic attacking and blocking.

Purchasing this product will allow most starting players to break even from a money standpoint. With the two enclosed booster packs totaling just over $8 retail, the two extra decks could easily be considered worth $1 each for a player that has little or no cards.

Again, this is a very basic product intended for learning players with a very small collection. I do not recommend this product for players with a grasp of strategy and modest collection. Players just past learning the basics should purchase the 60 card theme decks instead which are just a few dollars more and miles ahead anything this product could muster.

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