Aiokii’s Budget Land Crush


Welcome back.

Almost 20 years ago, my local game store offered a challenge to us. Create the best deck using only lands, creatures and artifacts. Naturally my deck building spark was lit and I dove into my collection.

I built a deck that revolved around Storm Cauldron and Ankh of Mishra. Storm Caldron would return land tapped for mana to their owners hands. Ankh would punish them for putting those lands back into play. By grinding out games with creatures notoriously good at stalling out, I could force the opponent into situations where they can never play land again.

The version I bring to you today is similar to the original deck but features several more modern additions.

This deck can be created for under $30. Online, this deck can be played for just under 1 event ticket. The full deck list can be found here. Enjoy!


The Combo

4x Storm Cauldron

4x Ankh of Mishra

The combo created a very grindy situation involving returning lands to hands and painfully damaging your opponent with returning them to play. Ankh of Mishra deals 2 damage for each land returned this way. Eventually, players will be forced into having no lands and playing with whatever they have left in play to win.

The Creatures

4x Utopia Mycon

4x Thallid

4x Elvish Farmer

4x Spore Flower

4x Thallid Devourer

3x Citanul Hierophants

In order to crush out the combo, your going to need quite a few chump blockers, creatures that produce land and stallers. When given time, Thallid creatures can overwhelm the opponent with small saprolings. In the cast of this deck, they not only produce 1/1 creatures every few turns but the tokens can be used for mana, life, fog effects and creature boosts. This versatility without needing lands to function makes this deck work. Spore Flower

The Support

3x Pack Hunt

2x Hurricane

Pack hunt digs for much needed copies of the creatures that grind out the game. With this spell you can fetch Spore Flower and play them to keep a constant supply of fog effects. Hurricane helps in an area where the deck lacks, air support. Blast away pesky flying creatures or finish off opponents who have land locked themselves with little or no life.

The Land

16x Forest

4x Rushwood Grove

4x Sheltered Valley

Rushwood Grove is the type of land that benefits from sitting and accumulating counters. Because tapping for a counter is not tapping for mana, the Grove will not return to you hand when Storm Cauldron is in play unless it’s used for mana.

Sheltered Valley benefits late game players once the combo has been set. Keeping it in play with minimal lands out, garners a small stream of life.

Improving the Deck

Non budget improvements come in the form of Gaea’s Cradle. This very expensive land grants you mana equal to your creature count, including tokens and increases your mana power per tap. Also considered should be Doubling Season which pounds out more counters and saproling tokens.

Swing Last,


Like this deck? You can contact Aiokii in the comments below or follow him on Twitter or Facebook. Aiokii can also be found on MTGO, hit him up for a game sometime. Also, take the time to check out Reddit Budgetdecks for cheap discussion and deck ideas.

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