Emrakul or Emradull?

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I had considered posting a new budget deck this week but today’s hype about a spoiler card would had consumed any actual well thought out or planned article. So instead I’ll talk about what everyone else is talking about.



I’m less than impressed with Wizard’s choice of villain in this set. Not too long ago, Wizards released a lore overview of Shadows over Innistrad. Written in their article was hints it could very well had been Emrakul. Even more convincing was a statement about stores receiving a promo Emrakul card. So when it was so obvious Emrakul would be the main reason for all of Innistrad’s grief….

…it was Emrakul all along.

The whole time I’ve been playing with the cards in SoI set I’ve been saying a little prayer that Emrakul wouldn’t be the villain. Today, I felt like Wizards let me down.

This isn’t a rant. I’m not going flip the table and walk away because of this. I’m not boycotting the set. I’m really not even that mad about it. I just feel…underwhelmed. I mean it could had been Nicol Bolas or Lilliana. It could had been the second coming of Urza for all I care. It could had even been another Phyrexian invasion! Wizards had us all leaning in our minds it was Emrakul, then it was.

I’m sure Wizards’ team will pull the story together and it would be a real shame if Emrakul destroyed what I consider an A+ setting.

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