Seiben’s Plane Profile – Tarkir

As we travel the Multiverse, we stumble upon the world known as Tarkir. In its original state, Tarkir is a warring world lead by khans and their feuding clans. Their constant fighting has ravaged the world, but stubbornness seems to be a common trait among these khans.

The 5 war clans of Tarkir include the cunning Jeskai, the swift Mardu, the ruthless Sultai, the enduring Abzan, and the savage Temur.

Tarkir itself seems as diverse as those that live here.. with ecosystems spanning from humid jungles to snowy peaks. Although some regions lack many resources.. leading the to struggles of territory between the khans.

Narset, the Enlightened Master heads the Jeskai. Sarruk Dragonclaw leads the Temur. Queen Sidisi, the Blood Tyrant, whips the Sultai. Anafenza the Foremost guides the Abzan Houses.. and Zurgo Helmsmasher commands the Mardu Horde.

The Planeswalker Sarkhan Vol also hails from this plane.. originally a member of the Mardu, his spark ignited in the heat of battle. Now he searches for a worthy dragon to serve since all had gone extinct on Tarkir.

Recently though, whispers have entered Sarkhans mind beckoning him back to Tarkir. An Ancient power wants to be revived.. and with it comes a change to Tarkir itself.

Seiben reviews the plane in this extensive video.

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