The Best Uncommons of Eldritch Moon

Welcome back to our second of two part review of the cheaper cards you will see in Eldritch Moon. Last week we took a look at he commons. This week we will be going over some of the best uncommons the set has to offer.

Blessed Allianceblessed

My first look at this spell gave me a “Meh” response, but after my second look I think I like this card, especially in Limited. With the multiple options, especially casting this for a white and three colorless, killing an attacker and untapping two potential surprise blockers, this instant is pretty good.

Cryptolith Fragment

This is a fun little mana producer that deals damage when using it for mana and flips into a flying creature with a 4 butt and deathtouch. When I first looked at it I instantly thought back to vampires gaining abilities when an opponent gets to 10 life. This artifact would pile on that casually thematic type deck.

Curious Homunculus

This bug eyed rascal can fuel decks revolving around instants and sorceries. In a Prowess deck, the Curious one could potentially chain out some spells regardless of form thanks to it’s mana and cost reducing abilities.

sinExtricator of Sin

In Magic, creatures die. It’s just the way of things. When transformed, this executioner can turn creatures about to hit the graveyard into 3/2 Eldrazi creatures with vigilance. The Extricator can even attack and then us it’s ability later, since it wont be tapping when declared as an attacker.

Furyblade Vampire

This vampire can really hit hard under favorable circumstances. It also has trample which is a good ability later in the game when you need to spill as much damage over the top as possible.

Graf Harvest

This enchantment seems like a must have in any zombie deck that pumps out loads of undead zombie tokens. It also has a way to dump excess mana to create the tokens it’s giving menace to. A dangerous card to put the zombie legion theme decks into the next bracket.

Weaver of Lightningweaver

So let me get this straight…a 1/4 with reach and it deals additional damage as I cast spells? All this for just three mana? I typically dislike red but this shaman has got my attention.

Whispers of Emrakul

This card takes me back to the days of making opponents discard cards at random. Making your opponent discard in such a way is brutal both early in the game and late when they hold onto important spells.

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