Seiben – Order of Saint Traft

Thalia, the once storied hero of Thraben, has been branded a Heretic by her fellow Cathars of the Church of Avacyn. The church itself has fallen under the influence of a demonic cult and even the angels which one represented all that was good on Innistrad have since gone mad.

With no one left to believe in, Thalia left the church and aligned herself with the Geist of Saint Traft, a once great warrior and demon hunter who was blessed by the angels. With the two Cathars combines strength, they look to retake their church and fight off the lingering darkness slowly taking hold of the land.

Emrakul has twisted even the monsters of this world. turning every moment into a walking horror. Thalia and her rag tag group of fellow holy fighters now look to retake their lost lands.

Seiben is a community leader of providing lore content from Magic: The Gathering to story hungry fans everywhere. You can contact him in the comments below, Facebook and Twitter. Subscribe to his Youtube channel and show your support!

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