Suggestion Box Contest!


After much success and great feedback from last month’s contest I’ve decided to host yet another.

For starters, let’s take a look at what you can win.


You got that right, it’s the same prize as July’s Three Pack Ante contest. Three Shadows over Innistrad booster packs, an Ultra Pro deckbox, 25 lands and a spindown life counter, just like this lucky winner.

The rules are a little different this time around.

Step 1. You have to be following Paper Champion on Twitter to be eligible. If you haven’t followed us, please do so. You can follow us @TheAiokii.

Step 2. I love getting feedback and we want to be your go-to site for M:tG. Take a moment to consider what you would like to see more of on Paper Champion. This can include videos of matches with the budget decks we feature, vlogging, news on competitive Magic, more interviews with M:tG players or artists, or even podcasts. The sky is the limit and all your suggestions will be read. To be eligible for the random drawing, you must tweet to @TheAiokii with your suggestion. No suggestion, no prize.

It’s as simple as that.

The final day of the contest will be August 31st. I’ll be drawing a random entry from those of you that are eligible, regardless of the quality of your suggestion.

I welcome all your suggestions and with your help Paper Champion can expand to bigger and better things!

Good luck and Swing Last!


You can contact Aiokii in the comments below or follow him on Twitter or Facebook. Aiokii can also be found on MTGO, hit him up for a game sometime. Also, take the time to check out Reddit Budgetdecks for cheap discussion and deck ideas.

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