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It’s been several weeks since my last article and for good reason. I got married last week and it was a great experience and leisurely time with my family. We enjoyed a celebration of a life time love in our future.

As I was heading back home from our vacation, my mind wandered about what to write next and what decks to create. This deck sprung to mind.

Today’s deck features humans in love and while that may sound a little strange in a combative game like Magic, I found a way to make that possible.

Each creature in the deck works together or offers assistance to one another in the form of the ability Soulbond. These humans are committing a lifetime commitment by offering their abilities to one another.

‘Till Death Do Us Partpaladin2

4x Hanweir Lancer

2x Lightning Mauler

4x Silverblade Paladin

These first three creatures use the Soulbond ability, granting another creature in play additional abilities like haste, double strike and first strike. These additional abilities are crucial in pushing damage in all phases of the game since the deck has limited removal or other spells.

3x Accorder Paladin

4x Boros Elite

2x Hamlet Captain

These three humans grant themselves or other attackers additional damage when attacking in consort. I especially like the Paladin when combined with first or double strike.champion

4x Champion of the Parish

4x Mayor of Avabruck

4x Thalia’s Lieutenant

These three humans beef themselves as well as others when certain conditions are met. Champion of the Parish and Thalia’s Lieutenant are great creatures. The Mayor is a bit trickier since you need to keep an eye on when he is going to flip out and go werewolf form. Keep a human or two handy to bring him back around if your opponent chooses not to cast anything on their turn.

4x Bonds of Faith

4x Lightning Bolt

This deck is swamped with creatures so some removal will be needed. Bonds of Faith can both stop problem creatures as well as boost yours so it’s great for this deck. Lighting Bolt is a tried and true removal spell and isn’t especially expensive. Bring in Path to Exile if budget isn’t an issue.

4x Evolving Wilds

4x Mountain

4x Forest

9x Plains

Lands are the most expensive part of any three color deck so we reduce this by playing with some Evolving Wilds to fetch basics you need to run the deck.

For strategy, just play the creatures and Soulbond where you can, preferably on theĀ Champion of the Parish or Thalia’s Lieutenant. Attack when able but be smart. Optimal damage comes in the form of steadily boosted first and double striking humans. Eventually, you should mow a path through potential blockers.

This deck is barely $60 and all the cards are easy to find. If you wish to upgrade, there are many tribal land options as well as Collected Company. Enjoy the holy matrimony!

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Swing Last,


Like this deck? You can contact Aiokii in the comments below or follow him on Twitter or Facebook. Aiokii can also be found on MTGO, hit him up for a game sometime. Also, take the time to check out Reddit Budgetdecks for cheap discussion and deck ideas.

2 responses to “Aiokii – Budget Modern Humans

  1. I’ve built something similar, but use Burning Tree Emissary to give more of the Naya Blitz sort of feel…still very budget friendly and packs a real mean punch. I also think a Temur BattleRage in the sideboard makes for a powerful and explosive way to “get” your opponent if they let their guard down. Nice deck…I love me some Hamlet Captain.

    • Boy-oh-boy did I want to put Emissary in the deck. During initial creation I kept thinking that by including it, I would accidentally run out of cards in my hand too quickly. Typically, especially with an aggro deck that’s not an issue but this deck builds over time with all the buffs for humans coming into play. I may still include it somehow down the road after more playtesting but so far, the current deck suits my style.

      Thanks as usual Bruce, as ever your insight is very helpful and valued by the Paper Champions community. By the way, when are we going to get together and talk hockey?

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