Aiokii – The Best Pauper Decks

Pauper has been a growing format over the last few years. It’s cheaper entry and easially obtainable cards have an allure for competitive players not wanting to spend stockpiles of money.

Originally, Pauper was strictly an online format with some minimal support from Wizards of the Coast. Today, Pauper has taken a wider role. Many stores have started paper tournaments and recently Pro Tour Hall of Famers have commented on the format. Pauper is gaining traction and could be considered a legitimate format in years to come.

Today we take a look at the Pauper format and many of the decks you will see across from you.

Izzet Drake

Izzet Drake is the current format’s most popular deck. The deck uses a variety of spells to maintain untapped lands. These untapped lands make the deck more efficient, allowing for larger burn spells and creatures. The deck can also chain off a seemingly unending line of spells that will leave the opponent overwhelmed. Currently, the deck is just over $60 online and over $40 in paper.


This version of the traditional mono-green stompy fame hits really hard for just a deck full of commons. The deck revolves around pumping hard to block creatures for critical scores in the red zone. This deck balances around $45 online and $55 in paper.


Delver of Secrets leads this band of creatures into the third most seen deck in Pauper. The deck focuses on dealing a steady amount of damage from flying and ninjitsu creatures as well as offering additional card draw to give you even more threats as well as control later in the game. The deck has been weakened some by the loss of Cloud of Faeries but still is a considerable threat in the format. Delver can be purchased with $50 no matter where you play it.


Affinity is played much like it’s Modern brother. Playing next to nothing casting cost artifact creatures quickly will allow you to put your entire hand on the table in the first two turns. If the quick wave of attacks isn’t good enough to kill the opponent, a well fed Atog tossed at the opponent with Fling should finish them off. You can buy this deck for $35 online or $55 in paper form.


Bogles in Pauper is very close to it’s Modern version also. Play hexproof creatures and buff them for large damage totals. The deck can be built for $30 online or $50 in paper.

Swing Last,


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