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Kaladesh is here and it sure has rattled the reviewers! There are multiple deck types for all of us to enjoy and try out. It’s a brewers dream to have so many interesting cards with new and fresh abilities.

This week we take a look at the best commons in the set. If you are interested in any of these cards you can support this site by purchasing Kaladesh Booster Packs or booster boxes here!

Dramatic Reversal

Long ago I played a deck that tapped and untapped repeatedly for desired tap effects and this spell is right up the same alley. I also enjoy knowing I can splash blue in a combat tricks deck, this spell allowing me to all out attack and return my troops back for defense as a surprise tactic. This is just a fun card all around.

Gearseeker Serpentgearseekerserpent

In my opinion, this massive creature could replace Myr Enforcer in many Affinity Pauper decks. First of all, the serpent is larger tan the Enforcer although they have practically the same casting cost when put into the same deck’s manabase. Secondly, the Serpent has evasive capabilities, something the Enforcer does not.

Larger than Life

Green loves the punp spells and this set’s version is no different. Larger than life offers up +4/+4 and trample which can get creatures over the top and scoring at instant speed. I like this card.

Live Fast

Life fast does what Black does best, (next to killing creatures) punching itself in the face to draw cards like a wildman. This version is no different but it also gives you something new the the set, Energy, which fuels other effects in Kaladesh. Something tells me that Energy will be a big deal in the coming Standard scene so keep your eyes on this card.

Ninth Bridge Patrol

Let’s all have a moment of honesty here…in Magic, creatures die. Especially in White decks where small token creatures and combat tricks reign. Why not put a creature in your white decks that gains strength when one of your creatures bites the dust? Granted, this is not a backbreaking creature vs. your opponents but could be a good accent in those token decks that seem to be all the rage. He also works well with flicker decks so take that into consideration when brewing.

Reckless Fireweaver

This creature offers you several damage per game when taken into an artifact heavy deck, which will be the focus of many casual and possibly competitive decks in the months to come. It also has a 3 toughness which can keep minor attackers at bay.

spiresideinfiltratorSpireside Infiltrator

This creature is a must for any decks containing vehicles. Each time it is tapped to crew one it pings the opponent for a damage. Over time, the damage adds ups and this guy could cause 5+ damage per game.

Next week, Paper Champion will take a look at the best uncommons of the set as well as offer a review on Kaladesh from the casual player’s standpoint.

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